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While moving to another country the most important matter to be taken care of is the accommodation. As per the new law the expats moving to Singapore can own a property provided they have enough financial funds. Over the years the price for buying leasing or renting a property in Singapore has decreased which in turn attracted a lot of expats from all over the world.
Before you go on a house hunt it is best to keep in mind the type of housing that you are opting for. Singapore offers a variety of housing ranging from share accommodation to luxurious condos. It is always wise to choose a property that fits into your budget considering the fact that Singapore is one of the most expensive places to live in.
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Types of accommodation available in Singapore are:

It is best to sort out your priorities before buying or renting a property in Singapore. This helps you in selecting a house in an efficient way.

Housing Development Board [HDB]

Almost 80% of the population in Singapore lives in HDB, they are basically apartments that are clustered together with a mini park for the kids, car park and a common gym. Most of the HDBs are fully furnished and the prices vary between 1500SGD-2800SGD.


These are luxurious apartments which are fully furnished with facilities like a standard gym, tennis court, swimming pool etc. these are quite expensive and the prices start from somewhere around 3000SGD.


These are comparatively cheaper apartments than HDB with lesser facility, they are unfurnished and costs about 1800SGD per month.

Share Accommodation

These are popular among the bachelors in Singapore as these help in saving the money. A good apartment on sharing basis is going to cost a person about 500SGD per month.

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