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Procedure to get the Instant Denmark visa letter for Denmark visa application as required by the European consulates
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What does Schengen visa travel insurance cover?

Visa requirements

Schengen visa insurance satisfies consulate requirements.

Doctor visit

Schengen travel insurance covers Doctor visits in case of sudden injury or sickness.

Medical evacuation

Emergency Emergency medical evacuation expenses to nearest available facility if needed.

Health care expenses

Covers emergency medical expenses for accidental illness.

Repat of remains

Medical evacuation expenses to nearest facility included.

Pre-existing conditions

Offers coverage for acute onset of pre-existing conditions.

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Denmark Visa Travel Insurance

If you are traveling to any of the 26 Schengen countries, which includes Denmark, you can travel with a common Schengen Visa. However Schengen countries insist on visitors having adequate Europe travel health insurance coverage throughout their stay in the Schengen states.
The popular Denmark visa medical insurance plans that we offer satisfies these visa requirements. Once you purchase travel insurance for Denmark policy, you will get an email confirmation with the weblink to download the Denmark visa letter Online required for the visa application.

Denmark visa insurance requirements

Denmark flag  Denmark - General information


Northern Europe




Danish krone

Best time to visit

June, July and August


Around 6 million


Danish, Faroese, Swedish

Vacation spots

Copenhagen, Odense, Arhus, Skagen, Esbjerg, Billund, Gilleleje, Fredensborg, Silkeborg, Slagelse, Ebeltoft, Randers.

Travel insurance Denmark

Danish consulate ask for travel health insurance to Denmark from the travelers to get visa and they can buy Travel Insurance for Denmark visa to fulfill health insurance for Danish visa requirements. Travelers (US & Non-US) can conveniently shop for Denmark insurance plan on the internet. Travelers can easily compare plans for Denmark online and make an informed decision. The international health insurance Denmark plan can satisfy the health insurance requirements of the travelers or tourists to Denmark as well as it will fulfill the consulate requirements. International travel health insurance for Denmark is required to get the Schengen visa.

Europe travel medical insurance for travel to Denmark

Travelers who are travelling to the Denmark need to be aware of the need for Denmark travel health insurance coverage. The Danish consulate has mandated the health insurance for the international travelers visiting Denmark.Insurance for travel to Denmark will cover the insured for medical expenses in case of a medical emergency. Travelers can purchase travel health insurance Denmark plan online sitting anywhere across the globe.

Denmark travel insurance, Travel insurance in Denmark

The plans designed by the private insurance providers are available online for the purchase and travelers can conveniently access them at any point of time. These plans cover the insured for medical expenses, emergency medical evacuation, repatriation of remains, accidental death and dismemberment etc. The travel insurance for Denmark visa plan can allow the tourists to travel peacefully least worried about any financial shortcomings in case of an emergency. Cheap travel insurance Denmark can be purchased online to satisfy Denmark visa health insurance requirements.

Steps to buy Denmark visa travel insurance online

Step 1

Finding all available Denmark visa insurance plans
Complete the Denmark visa insurance quote request form by providing details of the traveler and insurance requirements.

Step 2

Compare different visa health insurance options
Compare the price and the benefits of the different Denmark visa insurance options to identify what fits your needs best.

Step 3

Buy the Denmark visa insurance you like best and review documents
Buy the plan that fits your requirements and budget best by using a credit card and completing the online application.

Step 4

Review the Denmark visa insurance documents & download visa letter is required
Review the insurance documents & download visa letter is required.

Factors to consider while buying Schengen visa insurance

The cost of Schengen visa medical insurance depends on the following:

Age of the visitor

The older the traveler, the more expensive will be the cost of travel insurance for Schengen countries.

The maximum medical coverage selected

The medical coverage options range from $50k, up to $1M, the higher the coverage, the greater the premium.

The selected deductible

A 'deductible' or ‘excess’ is the amount of the medical costs the customer pays before the insurance plan starts paying.To satisfy the Schengen visa insurance requirements, a $0 deductible must be chosen.

The co-insurance on the plan

'Co-insurance' is the percentage on medical expenses borne by the customer after the deductible is paid. The cheapest travel medical insurance for Europe will have the highest co-insurance.

The Insurance underwriter

There are different underwriters such as AIG, Lloyds, Nationwide, etc. Prices will vary for different underwriter.

How much does Denmark Visa travel insurance cost?

Europe Schengen travel insurance Cost
Travel Insurance Plans Key Features Price range Coverage range Buy Plans

Patriot International Lite

Key Features $63 - $105 $50K - $1M Buy now

Safe Travels International Cost Saver

Key Features $63 - $105 $50K - $1M Buy now

Safe Travels International

Key Features $70 - $104 $50K - $1M Buy now

Atlas International

Key Features $65 - $103 $50K - $2M Buy now

Travel Medical Choice

Key Features $76 - $140 $50K - $5M Buy now

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Travel insurance for Denmark, Cheap Denmark travel insurance

Travel insurance for Denmark

Long term Europe visa for US citizens visiting Denmark

Travel Insurance Denmark for international visitors

Denmark travel medical insurance – FAQs

Does Denmark travel insurance cover covid19 illness?

There are some Covid travel insurance plans available for travel to Denmark that cover covid 19 as a new illness. International travelers cancompare best Covid Denmark travel insurance plans and buy it online. These plans also offer Denmark visa letter specifying that they Covid19 as any sickness. The visa letter can also be translated to different languages as requested.

Yes, Denmark travel insurance has been mandatory by the Schengen visa consulate for international travelers applying for the Denmark visa. The travel medical insurance for Denmark needs to offer maximum medical coverage of 30,000 Euros for expenses from emergency sickness or injuries.

International travelers applying for Denmark visa medical insurance can use the compare Schengen visa insurance form. Here we work with top rated international insurance providers to offer best Denmark visa medical insurance. After completing the form, click on “Get Quotes” and you will be able to see competitive prices of popular Denmark visa insurance plans that satisfy the Schengen visa requirements. The travelers can compare the plans details and benefits of Denmark visa health insurance and select the best travel medical insurance for Denmark visa based on their budget and requirements. After purchasing the plan, you will receive an email which will have the procedure to download the Schengen visa letter for Denmark.

We have partnered with some of the well reputed insurance providers that offer comprehensive travel medical insurance for Schengen Visa. These travel insurance plans for Denmark are well recognized for their wide network of medical care treatment and excellent claims settlement. They satisfy the Denmark visa health insurance requirements as mandated by the Schengen visa consulates. The best international insurance providers that offer Schengen visa insurance popular among foreign travelers are International Medical Group Travel Insurance, Seven Corners Travel Insurance, Tokio Marine HCC Travel Insurance and Trawick International Travel Insurance.

  • Travel insurance to Denmark can be purchased online quickly and easily.
  • The traveler has to provide relevant information (age, travel dates, total amount of coverage desired) in a simple international health insurance Denmark form and click the 'get quote' button.
  • A list of affordable travel insurance plans with the premium (cost), medical coverage details, and the name of the underwriter will be displayed.
  • The applicant can then buy the best travel insurance in Demark plan by clicking on the corresponding 'BUY' button.
  • Complete the simple application online and pay using a credit card to buy travel insurance to Denmark.
  • On purchasing the travel to Denmark visa policy, a traveler will be provided with the insurance details that include a toll free number, a virtual ID card, and a Denmark visa letter that may be presented to the consulate as proof of coverage.
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