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Dear Sir or Madam,

Avjit Goswami has touched some very "close to heart" points through out the write up.
My hats off to him for taking the bold step. ... I completely agree with Mr. Goswami that the only possibly answer he could provide was that it was a brilliant opportunity, a trial and error for which he was being paid for by his company. I would be glad to know what the outcome of his risk was. My question to all us NRI's far do we go and when do we return. Do we accept our children to adopt both cultures (can they really?). I fear one day my parents will pass away in my absence and then who can I blame for neglecting them but myself. Would I be happy if my kids were to desert me when I need them the most. Certainly not.
My question though rhetoric it may seem, when do we actually heed the call to return. As Mr. Goswami said, this is something which will be debated for a long time to come.
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Regards to all NRI's
From : Altaf Kadri

March, 2006

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