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The last star too was thawed by the sunbeams
The red sky turned pink and then slowly blue.
I sat near the window with a hot cup of tea
A slice of sunlight shone upon its glossy skin.
I heard the wall clock ding-dong eight times
There was warmth already in the summer day.
A retired life indeed, so full of busy idle hours
No work to do, I sat and mused, with eyes shut.
An urge from within to see you again
To hear you say, "I love you" as in the past.

You came out of the past chapters once more
You came again to say, "I loved you then, I love you still."
The night of parting, how the rain poured like curses!
But could it wash away those innocent beliefs in my heart?
Fragments remained, in bits and pieces in unknown corners,
From my fading memory they emerged out in odd forms
Your aroma in my lungful air, your smiles of assurance,
Your hushed murmur from underneath my pillow.
I still seek refuge in your deep eyes, when the dark hours... 
Refuses to get slumber onto my restless pillow.

I regained my senses, the sun was hard upon the bronzed leaves
Unnoticed, the clock had ticked hastily towards noon
Chiming the 'leventh hour from the eclipsed parlour's wall.
How time takes wings and shades the past from the present!
But traces remain behind of the long lost love and lover
The yellowed pages with vague impressions now blurred
I tried to read, ~ the words are smudges of fading ink.
The lingering day yawning ahead like perpetuity.
I remained unmoved, harking the clock tick tock
And tick tock and tick tock and ultimately stop.
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~ Atasi Sen, Jordan.
May, 2002
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