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Housing in Australia

Moving into a new place can be challenging and scary, many thoughts passes through the mind like how the people are, where you will be staying, what kind of neighborhood you will live in and so on. The number one matter however one should take care of is to get information on types of accommodation which are available in the country you are relocating to. In Australia the real estate is thriving and demand on the properties are high so it is better to decide your choice of accommodation quickly.

Short term accommodation

Its best to look for accommodation on arrival until then you can go for short term accommodation. Options for your temporary accommodations in Australia include:

  • Hostels and cheap hotel
  • If you are a student then temporary housing will be provided to you by the institution. You can consult with international students support staff to get more info on this.

Tips for buying house in Australia


In this case the property can be either rented or taken on lease by the expat. They can either pay it alone or share the rent with his/her friends. You can seek the help of a real estate agent to find you a suitable accommodation. While renting a property the buyers may have to pay the rent and security deposit or ‘bond’ in advance (which are usually 4 weeks rent). The bond is held to repair any damages that is incurred to the property. The average rent of flat would be 150$-250$ per week, It may vary with location.


Many of the families all around Australia provides the facility of a home stay, this helps the expats to learn the language and customs of the Australians very quickly. This is the ideal accommodation for the international students living in Australia as it gives you a comfort of living in a home, they even provide services of cleaning and meals during the day. The families providing homestay services are thoroughly screened in order to ensure that they provide a very suitable environment for the habitants.


All most all universities in Australia provide campus stay, they are convenient for the students because they are located either inside the campus or in a very close proximity enabling students to travel less, sometimes they also come with free meals and cleaning services.


It is better to get the property inspected with a registered inspection company before finalizing and purchasing the property, so that no future loses are incurred.

Things to consider before renting the house

  • Bond can be from anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks of rent.
  • Have in mind a calculated amount of affordable rent that you can pay.
  • Choose a location where all the amenities are easily available.
  • Confirm whether the property includes facilities like pipe line, cable, phone line, heating, cooling etc.
  • Check whether the property include parking facility.
Steps to finding a property
  • Find places to rent through real estate agents, newspapers or internet.
  • Inspect the property for any damages or discomfort; bring all the required documents needed for renting the property as in Australia the real estate law is first come first serve basis.
  • Complete the application handed to you by the landlord or the agent.
  • If both the parties are in agreement then a lease should be signed, read the agreement thoroughly before signing it.
  • Sign the lease and pay the bond in advance, don’t forget to take a copy of the lease and receipt of the payment.

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