Care(Formerly Religare) Personal Accident Insurance Plan - Secure

Care(Formerly Religare) health insurance has designed Secure - Personal accident insurance plan which helps by by giving a lump sum amount on fractures, Accidental Death, Disablement.
Critical illness insurance

Unique Features of Care Personal accidental insurance

  • Reconstructive surgery covered.
  • Accidental Death, Permanent Total / Partial Disability also covered.
  • Child education also covered.
  • Compensates for accidental death.
  • Nursing Care

Care(Formerly Religare) Health Insurance Review

Sum Insured
4 lacs – 600 lacs options available
Tenure Options
1, 2, 3 years options available
Claims Incurred Ratio *
Claims Settlement Ratio **
List of Network Hospitals
7,400+ hospitals
Number of Policies issued *
Number of Lives Covered *
Maximum Family Floater Coverage
Self, Spouse + dependent (children + parents)
* As per IRDAI report for 2018-19   |   ** As per NL25 data published on the Insurance Company website

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Care(Formerly Religare) Personal Accident Insurance plan details

  • Highlights
  • Benefit Table
  • Policy terms
  • Exclusions

Plan highlights of Care Personal accident insurance online

Accidental Death:
In case of a tragic loss, we provide for financial support to the family by paying the sum insured to the nominated family member.

Reconstructive Surgery covered:
Get compensated for fractures pertaining to a surgery, advised by your medical practitioner in case of an accident.

Child education also covered:
In the event of an accident resulting in insured's demise or PTD, we'll take care of his child's education ensuring that their future is not compromised.

Permanent total / Partial Disablement:
Based on severity of loss of body part due to accident, we also pay a pre-defined percentage of the sum insured.

Disappearance covered:
In the event that an accident leaves the insured missing (forced landing, stranding, sinking, wrecking, etc.) for more than 1 year and the insured's demise has been reasonably established, we will pay the sum insured to the nominee.

Mobility cover:
If an injury causes permanent total disability and requires one to use prosthetic devices like artificial arms, legs or eyes, orthopedic braces and medical equipment like wheelchairs or hospital beds, we will reimburse the expenses towards these.

Domestic Road ambulance:
If an accident related injury requires emergency medical evacuation, we'll reimburse the ambulance expenses incurred.

Care Personal accident insurance benefit table

Secure 1 Secure 2 Secure 3 Secure 4
Sum Insured (in Rs.)
10 lakhs 15 lakhs, 20 lakhs, 25 lakhs & 30 lakhs 50 lakhs, 1 crore, 2 cr & 3 crore Above 3 Crore up to 25 Crores
Accidental Death
Up to Sum insured Up to Sum insured Up to Sum insured Up to Sum insured
Permanent Total Disablement
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Permanent Partial Disablement
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Up to Rs.50,000/- Up to Rs.1,00,000/- Up to Rs.2,00,000/- Up to Rs.3,00,000/-
Child Education
No 10% of Sum insured 10% of Sum insured 10% of Sum insured
Major Diagnosis Tests
No Up to Rs.15,000/- Up to Rs.25,000/- Up to Rs.50,000/-
No Up to sum insured Up to sum insured Up to sum insured
Mobility Cover
No Up to Rs.15,000/- Up to Rs.25,000/- Up to Rs.50,000/-
No Up to Rs.10,00,000/- Up to Rs.20,00,000/- Up to Rs.25,00,000/-
Domestic Road Ambulance
No No Up to Rs.5,000/- Up to Rs.5,000/-
Nursing Care
No No Rs.1,000/- per day, Max for 15 days Rs.1,500/- per day, Max for 15 days
Reconstructive Surgery
No No Up to Rs.10,00,000/- Up to Rs.20,00,000/-
Repatriation of Mortal Remains
No No 2% of the Sum Insured or Max Rs.1,00,000; whichever is lower 2% of the Sum Insured or Max Rs.1,00,000; whichever is lower
Loyalty Benefit
Up to 5% sum insured per policy year, Max 50% Up to 5% sum insured per policy year, Max 50% Up to 5% sum insured per policy year, Max 50% Up to 5% sum insured per policy year, Max 50%

Eligibility of Care accidental insurance policy

  1. Minimum entry age: 91 days
  2. Maximum age: Child - 24 years Adult: 70 years
  3. Renewal: Lifelong Renewability. The policy can be renewed under the then prevailing Health Insurance with Maternity Benefit Product or its nearest substitute approved by IRDA
  4. Age of proposer: 18 years or above
  5. Policy Issuance: Policy issuance is subject to the underwriting review and approval.
  6. Occupational Change: Please inform us incase of any change in your profession/ occupation/ nature of duty/ industry of employment immediately for continuance of your policy.
  7. Document Verification: You may be called for document verification & may be required to submit relevant documents for underwriting review

Exclusions of Care Personal accident plan

  1. Any pre-existing injury or physical condition
  2. Any intentional self-inflicted injury, suicide or attempted suicide, sexually transmitted conditions, mental or nervous conditions, insanity, disorder, anxiety, stress or depression
  3. The Insured Person flying in an aircraft other than as a fare paying passenger in a Scheduled Airline
  4. The Insured Person engaging in sporting activities in so far as they involve the training for or participation in competitions of professional sports, unless declared beforehand and agreed by the Company in writing subject to additional premium being recieved and incorporated accordingly in the Policy
  5. Insured Person serving in any branch of the military, navy or air-force or any branch of armed Forces or any paramilitary forces
  6. Any claim related to Hazardous Activities
  7. Persons whilst working with in underground mines, explosives, press, activities like racing on wheels or horseback, winter sports, canoeing involving white water rapids, any bodily contact sport
  8. Claim arising out of mental illness, stress, psychiatric or psycho logical disorders.
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