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Transport in the Qatar

It is not advised to walk around the Qatar streets during the summer as the temperature will be soaring high and the very opposite happens during the winter when the temperature falls low and you cannot go out without proper insulation. The people therefore rely greatly on the public transportation of Qatar. Qatar has a well-developed transportation system including buses flights and taxis.

Public Transport


Qatar has a very good bus network which are run by mowasalat karwa. The bus routes are very well planned that they have bus routes even to the remote locations of Qatar. Mowasalat Karwa replaced traditional fairs with a prepaid card called the Faresaver card. A card costs 30 QR (7.6€), with 20 QR becoming credit while the extra 10 QR becomes available once 300QR has been added to the card. Fares within Doha cost between 3 - 4 QR (0.75 - 1€) and journeys to different cities vary between 4 - 9QR (1 - 2.25€) which makes it a very cheap way to travel.


Mowasalat also have taxi services all throughout Qatar which are very well maintained, all the taxis have air conditioning systems incorporated in it so as to counter the ruthless heat of the dessert, They also have meters attached to all of them where the initial charge is 4QR and then 1.20QR per km.
During the night however the taxi charges are 1.80QR per km. if you desire to have a luxurious experience while travelling around the city you can always hire a limousine which costs you about 20QR as initial charge and then 2QR per km


There is only one active airport for the public in Qatar the Doha international airport, which means domestic flights are not possible within Qatar, however with its relatively small size, with a coastline of only 563 kilometers, it is just as easy to travel by bus or by car.

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