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Meet Babuprasad S...

1. Why did you leave India?
Fulfill my dream of working abroad and also for $$$$$ :-)

2. Do you plan to return to India to settle down?
Return to India will be only to lead a pensioner's life, and as I am from Bangalore, I will surely go back to Bangalore, in a cozy house. (still dreaming eh!! :-)

3. What do you like most about being abroad?
Life is smooth, sort of peaceful other than work life. The country is clean and well organised, so I have adapted to the living environment, culture/style here.

4. What do like least about being abroad?
Missing parents, friends, and mostly the Indian culture.

5. Would you be concerned about raising your family outside India?
Raising family is a bit tough as I have seen that the Singapore Indians (born and bought up) lack the real Indian culture, knowledge of Indian History and culture is only from books. And also the life style is very high, the people won't know how to face life when in difficulties. So it is better to have children grow up in India and then move out.

6. What are your thoughts about marrying outside your immediate community, someone who speaks a different language or practices a different religion?
:-).. I am a Telugu-Reddy guy, and have married a Malayali Girl. It was a 5 long year affair. It all happened while at work and not while studying, which I feel is a + point, because if while studying then the thoughts are different and there is no real responsible feeling. Once we start working, we know the difficulties of expenses.

About the question different religion, I feel that sticking to your own religion is better. But Love is always Blind! But I treat myself first as a Human, then only comes these categories. I being a Hindu, if you happen to see my Gods Room in my house , you will see that it has a Quran, and Idols of Christ and Mother Mary. It is only faith.

7. What would be the first thing you would do if you became the Prime Minister of India?
Politics is the worst thing. If given a chance I will bring a rule that in future no politician, nor his family and relations are allowed to stand in elections. Give chances to people who are educated, minimum a degree or to those who are burning the night oil to earn for a living. :-)

8. What do you think are India's greatest strengths?(max 3)
India does not have any, now it has lost its value because of the Politics + corruption and communalism.

9. What do you think are the biggest problems facing India? (max 3)
Politics + Corruption. I can bet a billion dollars that India won't change.

10. Do you think that a presidential form of government would better serve the needs of India's democracy?
May be.

11. For whom do you have the highest regard amongst living Indians?
No one.

12. Do you think that the national obsession with Cricket has helped or has it hurt India as a sporting nation?
When corruption exist in politics etc., then it is like a bacteria, it has just spread, you can't help it. Who knows, if I had not studied properly and was in a low profile job, to make a living I too would had made money by different means. Already India has lots its name because of the politics + corruption, then what is new in it.

13. What do you think are India's greatest achievements since Independence? (max 3)?
The achievement is only for the people who are in politics. I don't think the people of India have got their freedom yet. I used to slog day and night and work in a IT company, and when the year end came, paid heavy tax. I sweated to earn that money, and where it goes - to the Govt. The politicians are being paid by our hard earnings, I don't think people are properly realising it.

14. What is your favourite pastime?
Listening to FM radio of Indian Languages.

15. What is your happiest memory?
Going back home on holidays and meeting my folks.

16. What's your most memorable journey?
The first time I went abroad.

17. What is your ultimate food dish?
Any Chicken dish, Tandoor. mmmmm slurp!!!

18. What are your favourite movies? (max 3)
Oh! I watch movie for time pass, I rarely go out to watch movie nor on TV.

19. What are your favourite books (please list authors as well)? (max 3)
Jeffrey Archer.

20. A message from you to other NRIs
Keep in touch with your Motherland Culture and teach your kids to do so. Do not adapt to the western culture. Meaning adapt to discipline, etc. but not other useless aspects - partying a lot etc. Keep an eye on your kids till they are earning members.

Meet Babuprasad S. He currently lives in Singapore, and works in the IT industry.
Published - September 2000

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