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The 20 Questions
1. Why did you leave India?
2. Do you plan to return to India to settle down? If returning, where would you like to live?
3. What do you like most about being abroad?
4. What do you like least about being abroad?
5. Would you be concerned about raising your family outside India?
6. What are your thoughts about marrying outside your immediate community, someone who speaks a different language or practices a different religion?
7. What would be the first thing you would do if you became the Prime Minister of India?
8. What do you think are India's greatest strengths? (max 3)
9. What do you think are the biggest problems facing India? (max 3)
10. Do you think that a presidential form of government would better serve the needs of India's democracy?
11. For whom do you have the highest regard amongst living Indians?
12. Do you think that the national obsession with cricket has helped or has it hurt India as a sporting nation?
13. What do you think are India's greatest achievement since Independence? (max 3)
14. What is your happiest memory?
15. What's your favourite pastime?
16. What's your most memorable journey?
17. What is your ultimate food dish?
18. What are your favourite movies? (max 3)
19. What are your favourite books (please list authors as well)? (max 3)
20. A message from you to other NRIs:

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