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Meet Rohit...

1. Why did you leave India?
To tell the truth my parents wanted me to study abroad(US) and it was tough to get a US visa in India during that time because there was a transition going on.I am talking about 1995-2000. So my father decided to find a job in the middle east and raise money for my education.

2. Do you plan to return to India to settle down?
Definitely. I would like to live in Bangalore, hopefully be working for Google.

3. What do you like most about being abroad?
a)I learnt a lot about diversity and other cultures.
b)Staying abroad I learnt a lot about India and what it has to offer to the world.

4. What do like least about being abroad?
The way in which Indians are kind of made fun of. We never do this to foreigners when they are in our country.

5. Would you be concerned about raising your family outside India?
Yes very much.

6. What are your thoughts about marrying outside your immediate community, someone who speaks a different language or practices a different religion?
Tough Question, but my Answer is No

7. What would be the first thing you would do if you became the Prime Minister of India?
India is growing by itself with the help of young blood, I will just guide them in the right Direction.

8. What do you think are India's greatest strengths?(max 3)
1. Education
2. Hard-Work
3. Simplicity

9. What do you think are the biggest problems facing India? (max 3)
Corruption offcourse, Extra effort from people is required. Not working to potential makes India slow.

10. Do you think that a presidential form of government would better serve the needs of India's democracy?
I am against it but if needed I guess it has to be implemented especially when things are taken for granted in the name of democracy.

11. For whom do you have the highest regard amongst living Indians?
The President. I wont say his name(disrespect) I prefer to call him 'THE PRESIDENT", infact all presidents of India have been learned and wise.

12. Do you think that the national obsession with Cricket has helped or has it hurt India as a sporting nation?
It has Hurt India a lot as a sporting nation. I guess our ex-Honourable Minister Sunil Dutt was in the right direction to bring other sports too, unfortunately he passed away. I sincerely hope someone raises to his standards.

13. What do you think are India's greatest achievements since Independence? (max 3)?
I would just say Wise us of Technology and Financial Stability.

14. What is your favourite pastime?
Cricket,Table Tennis, Novels etc... the list is endless.

15. What is your happiest memory?
My graduation with my parents around.

16. What's your most memorable journey?
Trekking trip to North India.

17. What is your ultimate food dish?
Bisi Bele Baath (traditional karnataka dish) and Curd Rice.

18. What are your favourite movies? (max 3)
1. Jurassic Park
2. Dil Chahta Hai
3. Minority Report

19. What are your favourite books (please list authors as well)? (max 3)
1. Digital Fortress - Dan Brown
2. Prey - Michael Crichton
3. Da Vinci Code - Dan Brown

20. A message from you to other NRIs
Lead a good- Happy life but don't forget your roots and culture. I haven't and Will not.
Jai Hind.

Meet Srihari Mulgund. He currently lives in Toledo, Ohio, USA.
Published - June, 2002

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