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Meet Aditya...

1. Why did you leave India?
To get a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, From Stanford University.

2. Do you plan to return to India to settle down?
Yes; Bangalore/Hyderabad/Pune/Gurgaon...not necessarily in that order.

3. What do you like most about being abroad?
Easy and guaranteed access to basic amenities; Fewer people leading to lesser congestion in public places; Driving is easier.

4. What do like least about being abroad?
Life is too cold and mechanical, usually; Feel Uncomfortable about living in a country that doesn't always have India's best interests in mind while formulating its foreign policy! Eating pani-puri by the side of the street.

5. Would you be concerned about raising your family outside India?

6. What are your thoughts about marrying outside your immediate community, someone who speaks a different language or practices a different religion?
Very open.

7. What would be the first thing you would do if you became the Prime Minister of India?
Free/subsidized primary schooling.

8. What do you think are India's greatest strengths?(max 3)
Man power, strong family values and willingness of educated people to work hard.

9. What do you think are the biggest problems facing India? (max 3)
Lack of infrastructure to cope with increasing population, low literacy rates and regular occurrence of natural disasters.

10. Do you think that a presidential form of government would better serve the needs of India's democracy?

11. For whom do you have the highest regard amongst living Indians?
Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.

12. Do you think that the national obsession with Cricket has helped or has it hurt India as a sporting nation?
Hasn't hurt; We don't have to excel at all sports. Pick a few sports, and excel at them.

13. What do you think are India's greatest achievements since Independence? (max 3)?
Becoming self-sufficient in many aspects (food grains, nuclear power, space programme etc.); A good education system, that produces international quality engineers, doctors etc. Unfortunately, most of them serve abroad (including me, for now)

14. What is your favourite pastime?
Reading; Surfing the internet.

15. What is your happiest memory?
1. Getting selected for IIT
2. Times spent playing cricket with friends
3. Times spent watching the sunday afternoon movies with my family; Times spent in my hostel at IIT

16. What's your most memorable journey?
Calcutta to Bombay by train; Bombay to Mahabaleshwar by road; Bombay to Orlando, Florida.

17. What is your ultimate food dish?
Chhole Bhature; Daal Chawal

18. What are your favourite movies? (max 3)
Sholay, Deewar, Hera-Pheri

19. What are your favourite books (please list authors as well)? (max 3)
1. Wings of Fire - APJ Abdul Kalam
2. Bhagavad Gita - Lord Sri Krishna
3. The Man who knew Infinity - Robert Kanigel

20. A message from you to other NRIs
India may be poor and backward in many respects today. It is one of the oldest civilizations in the world, but it is a young country in the modern world, only 57 years of age. We have many people, and it will take time to reach a stage of development that many other countries enjoy today. But the onus is on us, to help India and Indians reach that destination. We are fortunate because we have the education, money and hopefully the vision. Let us direct our energies in the development of our beautiful country, instead of working for foreign countries and widening the gap between them and India!

Meet Srihari Mulgund. He currently lives in Toledo, Ohio, USA.
Published - June, 2002

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