Transport in the UAE

UAE has a very well developed transportation system advanced in air, road and water networks, they have an upcoming railway project too. The transportation in UAE is equipped with state of the art technologies making it one of the best and most efficient in the world.

Public Transport

Along with taxis, buses also have their share of importance in the public transportation of UAE. Their routes are so very well planned and executed that you can take buses to reach anywhere within the emirates. Dubai and Abu Dhabi consist of the largest number of bus networks.
The number of routes in
  • DUBAI = 112
  • ABU DHABI = 75
In order to travel via bus all the passengers must have a smart card with them, they are Nol for Dubai, Hafilat for Abu Dhabi and Sayer for Sharjah. All passengers in Dubai should purchase Nol card before stepping into bus they can be bought at RTA outlets, bus stations and some metro stations. The students and senior citizens can travel for 50% of the normal price in bus and the disabled passengers can travel for free throughout the emirates via any public transport.
Taxis are one of the most important and readily available modes of transportation in UAE. They are a very well-systemized organization which are owned and are regulated by the government.
All the taxis are attached with a Fare meter that calculates the amount of money that you have to pay for the journey. The starting fare is fixed at 4AED and the fare per km is 1.60AED/min. the taxi services from airport costs a bit high (20AED) compared to the normal fare. The taxis in UAE are scattered around the cities so they are very easy to find.
DUBAI –Metro and Trams
Dubai holds the prime position in public transportation and it is the only city with both metro and tram services.

Dubai Metro
Dubai metro is a driverless mode of transport system which embarked its first journey back in 2009. They are very cheap to travel where the fare starts at 1.80AED and they are linked to all the main centers of Dubai. Metro is made of two network lines the red line and green line, they are very well categorized with special cabin for women, children and passengers who travel in silver and gold class.

These facilities are parking areas with a connection to public transport system which allows the commuters and other people to leave their private vehicles in a secured location and transfer themselves to a public transport. In Abu Dhabi the drivers can park their vehicles by showing their DOT ‘park and ride’ service permits and enjoy a free ride in the dedicated bus services. This system improves the transport mobility of Abu Dhabi and also allows the resident to park their vehicles in a safe and secure location.
The DOT offers two ferry services for the transportation of both people and vehicles. The ferry provides a daily service from Delma Island through Jabal Al Dhanna (Mugharaq Port) and Delma Island Port.
Below are the fares and ticket fees for taking the ferry from Abu Dhabi or Delma Island:
  • Individuals with the age of 12 years and above: 20AED.
  • Individuals aged below 12 years: Free
  • One Vehicle: 100AED.

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