Almost 90% of the workforce of UAE comprises of hardworking expats, UAE offers employment to anyone regardless of their nationalities and race provided they are qualified for the jobs. UAE holds a high position amongst the economic powers of the world thereby attracting a lot of foreign investors which in turn escalates the employment requirement.
The natural gas reservoirs in UAE is a powerful boost to the nation’s economy capturing the attention and attraction of man labor migrants from all over the world, in 2013 UAE was ranking 5th in the largest international migrant stock.
In UAE the government has implemented strict laws that regulates the relationship between the immigrant employer and the employee, only a UAE national can sponsor a foreign immigrant labor. The private sector expatriates are banned from changing one employer to other within the completion of at least two years of their expected service.

Ways of applying for jobs

  • Search online for the jobs as several job vacancies are posted online
  • Look through classifieds; almost all of the newspapers have job classifieds section go through it and apply for the vacancy if you find something that catches your interest.
  • Recruitment agencies; there are a lot of licensed recruitment agencies throughout UAE, if you register in it then the agency will contact you if they find some job openings for which your fit and qualified for.
  • Create an account on professional working website like Linkedin, etc.
  • There are lots of job portals that you can register for free, once you get a job vi the job portal you wont even need to pay a commission or any other money to the company.

Government job portals

The following list links to the different website which gives relevant information about Government job portals.

Private job portals

The following list links to the different website which gives relevant information about Private job portals.

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