Culture in the UAE

Even though UAE rose up to be one of the advanced countries in the world they held their culture and tradition closely to their heart all through the journey. They have a very rich and vibrant culture, some of the most significant aspects of their heritage includes hospitality, tolerance and solidarity. One of the other beautiful things you will notice when you are in UAE is that they respect women a lot like their religion has taught them to , they are given special care in services the government provide for its citizens.

Food and Cuisine

The cuisine of UAE is very exotic enriched with meat, fish, vegetables, fruits and rice. Since the arrival of expatriates from numerous backgrounds wide variety of cuisines are available in UAE.

The traditional cuisine excludes the use of pork meat and alcohol as they are considered a taboo as per the religious views of Emiratis. Lunch is considered to be the most important meal of the day and they are prepared using fish meat vegetables and rice , the meat used are slaughtered according to Islamic halal method. Emiratis are very well known for their hospitality, they greet their guests with a cup of coffee and dates. They feel honored to have guests and socializing with the family friends and relatives are greeted with high respect.

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Festivals and Events in UAE

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Emiratis take good care of their heritage and they introduce their inimitable culture to the world through fancy festivals and celebrations.

Annual festivals like Qasr Al Hosn Festival, Sheikh Zayed Heritage Festival, Sultan bin Zayed Heritage Festival, Sharjah Heritage Days bring color and life to the UAE's heritage. These festivities also bring forth a chance for the new generation to experience their traditions and value it.


Like any other countries UAE also have their own traditional dress worn by the Emiratis. The men wear an ankle length white shirt made out of wool or cotton which are KANDURA , on an average the men would be in possession of 50 Kanduras as they keep on changing their clothes to keep the dress clean, cleanliness is something Emiratis take very seriously.

Women wear a black cloak called ABAYA and they also cover their heads with a headscarf called SHEILA. The traditional attire are befitting for the hot and dry climate of the UAE.

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