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Basal Metabolic Rate calculator (BMR) - Basal Metabolic Rate(BMR) is the minimal caloric requirement needed to sustain life in a resting individual. This is the amount of energy your body would burn if you slept all day (24 hours).

Body Mass Index calculator(BMI) - Body mass index (BMI) or Quetelet Index is a statistical measure of the weight of a person scaled according to height. It was invented between 1830 and 1850 by the Belgian polymath, Adolph Quetelet during the course of developing "social physics".

Body Fat estimator - Body fat measurements and the measuring tape are recognized as superior methods for measuring "weight loss".

Body Calories calculator - A calorie is a unit of measurement for energy. The unit's name is French and derives from the Latin calor (heat). In most fields, it has been replaced by the joule, the SI unit of energy. However, it remains in common use for the amount of energy obtained from food.

Waist Hip Ratio calculator(WHR) - Waist-to-hip ratio (WHR) is the ratio of your waist circumference to your hip circumference (calculated by dividing the waist circumference by the hip circumference). WHR is a measurement tool that looks at the proportion of fat stored on your waist, and hips and buttocks.

Traveler safety tips - We have come up with suggestions to make your travel smooth and memorable for all the right reasons.

Healthcare tips for parents visiting USA - We have provided Health care tips for parents visiting US.

Calorie Counter - We have provided Fat, Cholesterol and Calorie Content of some common foods.

Calorie Content - We have provided Calorie, Cholesterol and Fat Content of some popular cuisines.

Useful Health Information - We have provided information about the standard blood levels and diet recommendation for an executive.

Calorie Consumption - We have provided information about the calories consumed by the various activities in our daily life, Calorie intake for people with different lifestyles and a height-weight chart.

Height Weight Chart - We have provided information about the height and weight chart for men and women.

Calorie Chart - We have provided information about the calories present in the food categories.

Basic First Aid - We have provided information about the top ten misconceptions.
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