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The list of public holidays are announced by the government of UAE in the beginning of every year which gives the people to plan their year ahead. Owing to the fact that UAE is an Islamic country the greater bunch of the holidays are a reference to the marked occasion in Islamic religion. The Hijri calendar is used to determine the special Islamic occasions such as Ramadan, Eid or Haj. As they depend on the phases of the moon the dates vary in a Gregorian calendar.

Employees in the public sector enjoys more days off than others.

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Given below are the list of public holidays in UAE.

Holiday Date as per Gregorian calendar Date as per Islamic year No. of days off
New Year's Day 1 January Not applicable 1 day
Al Isra'a Wal Mi’raj – Ascension Day* Not applicable 27 Rajab 1 day
Eid Al Fitr* Not applicable 1 Shawwal 3 days for public sector 2 days for private sector
Arafat Day* Not applicable 9 Dhu al Hijjah 1 day
Eid Al Adha – Feast of Sacrifice* Not applicable 10 Dhu al Hijjah 3 days for public sector 2 days for private sector
Al Hijri - Islamic New Year* Not applicable 1 Muharram 1 day
Commemoration Day 30 November Not applicable 1 day
National Day 2 December Not applicable 2 days for public sector 1 day for private sector
Birthday of Prophet Mohammad* (PBUH) Not applicable 12 Rabi al Awwal 1 day
Note :
  • ** Islamic holidays are determined according to moon sighting

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