Visitors insurance for Pre-existing conditions coverage

What is a Pre-existing medical ailment?

In simple terms, a pre-existing medical condition is a condition a person is already diagnosed with, being treated for, or has, with reasonable certainty before the start of the insurance policy. Insurance providers use a "look back" period to determine if a condition will be considered pre-existing or not.

Fixed benefit visitor insurance plans tend to have shorter look back period of between Three to Six months. Comprehensive visitor insurance plans tend to have longer ones, usually up to 3 years. However, if a person is diagnosed with a chronic illness, they always have it and unfortunately it would always be considered a pre-existing condition. However, if someone had a surgery, for a broken bone, more than 3 years ago, typically this would not be considered a pre-existing condition anymore.
To best understand the definition of pre-existing condition and the look back period, it is recommended to read the specific plan brochure.

What are the Pre-existing ailments coverage plans available for visitors in the US?

Given the importance of pre-existing condition coverage in the US, we present resourceful information about Pre-existing conditions. We display the plans objectively and with transparency that are available for pre-existing condition coverage. The policies that cover pre-existing conditions and the terms and conditions for the coverage is displayed in an user friendly manner. You can get quotes and compare the coverage benefits for Pre-existing Conditions at Visitor insurance pre-existing condition coverage.

If the coverage for pre-existing condition is limited, does it make sense to buy the visitor insurance ?

Ironically one buys visitor medical insurance hoping that they do not need to use it. It is very important to buy visitor insurance despite the limited coverage for pre-existing ailments. Firstly can be forced to visit a hospital due to an accident or for medical treatment not related to any existing ailment. Even if the treatments is due to an existing ailment, then having the coverage albeit limited for pre-existing conditions becomes even more important.

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