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TATA AIG visitor Insurance

  • TATA AIG visitors medical insurance provides excellent insurance coverage while traveling outside India.
  • Traveling, whether for business or for leisure, exposes you to many risks: personal accidents, hospitalization in unfamiliar locations, lost baggage, baggage delay and even lost passports.
  • TATA AIG with "AIG Assist" network services more than a million travelers every year.
  • When you purchase Tata AIG travel insurance you are getting service of a local provider with the tata aig policy in US & Canada.
  • The travel insurance products are high on service excellence, worldwide coverage and value for money.
  • No Sublimits plans available up to the age of 99 years
  • Please refer TATA AIG travel insurance brochure for detailed plan benefits and its policy wordings which explains the terms and conditions. You can also complete an online TATA AIG Travelguard proposal form.
  • Using the TATA AIG Travel premium chart you can compute the price of the travel medical insurance and know the different factors that affect the premium of plan.
  • When the plan lapse the renewal/extension of the plan can be done by filling TATA AIG travel insurance extension form.
  • Popular plan for parents and senior citizens visiting countries like USA, UK, Singapore, Australia, Schengen and other European countries.
  • Corporate or professional travelers can buy the Annual multi trip medical insurance for their frequent travels.

International Travel Insurance Products

Single Trip
(Up to age 70 years)

  • Coverage up to $500,000 for travelers 6 months - 55 years old, there are no sub-limits for this age group.
  • Travelers between 56 - 70 years have an option of buying a plan with or without sublimits up to $500,000
  • Plans can be bought or renewed up to a maximum of 270 days
  • Covers pre-existing conditions up to $1,500 under life threatening situations only
  • No Sublimits plans available
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Senior Citizens
(Older than 70 years)

  • Coverage available for older travelers aged 71 and above (up to age 99 years)
  • Have an option of buying the $50,000 coverage with or without sublimits for emergency medical expenses
  • Plan can be bought or renewed up to a maximum of 180 days
  • Covers pre-existing conditions up to $1,500 under life threatening situations only
  • No Sublimits plans available
  • Parents visiting their offspring can purchase Tata AIG overseas travel insurance: Click here.
  • TATA AIG senior citizen travel insurance coverage for elderly Indians: Click here
  • Overseas mediclaim insurance for older travelers: Click here
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Multitrip Plan
  • Offers worldwide coverage to annual frequent travelers mainly business professionals
  • Travelers aged up to 70 years are eligible to buy this plan
  • Each trip may not exceed 30 days or 45 days based on the chosen plan
  • Offers plan maximum options of $250,000 and $500,000 for emergency medical expenses
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Schengen Plan
  • Satisfies Schengen Visa requirements as mandated by the consulates
  • Travelers aged 6 months - 55 years buy insurance plan of either $50,000, $100,000, $250,000 & $500,000
  • Travelers aged 56 - 70 years buy insurance plan without sublimits for $50,000, $100,000, $250,000 & $500,000 coverage
  • 70+ travelers have to buy $50,000 plan without sublimits
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Asia Plan
  • Offers coverage to travelers aged 6 months to 70 years traveling within ASIA
  • Offers $50,000, $200,000 maximum coverage for emergency medical expenses
  • Offers coverage for a maximum of 14 days. For travel beyond 14 days, you should buy the 'Excluding Americas' plan
  • No coverage in Japan and Korea (You should buy the 'Excluding Americas' plan for Japan and Korea coverage)
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Domestic Plan
  • Offers coverage for accidental medical expenses incurred while traveling within India
  • Travelers aged up to 70 years are eligible
  • Offers maximum coverage INR 50,000 up to a maximum of INR 2,50,000
  • Coverage period cannot exceed 90 days
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Other destinations

TATA AIG travel insurance India - Useful links

how to buy religare insurance online
How to buy TATA AIG overseas travel insurance?

You can buy insurance online by using a credit/debit card, direct funds transfer using NEFT or RTGS or by using a cheque

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Already outside India
Traveler outside India

Travelers who have already traveled from India and do not have insurance can buy TATA AIG travel insurance.

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TATA AIG Premium Chart
TATA AIG travel medical insurance premium chart

TATA AIG Travel Insurance Premium Chart.

Click here
TATA AIG insurance claims
TATA AIG insurance claims

In case of Claim or reimbursement of treatment expenses, notify TATA AIG overseas travel insurance.

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TATA AIG insurance brochure
TATA AIG travel insurance brochure

Download TATA AIG travel health insurance brochure online!

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Online Renewal
TATA AIG tarevl insurance renewal

Travel insurance customers can renew their existing policy online before the exipry date at any time.

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TATA AIG policy wordings
TATA AIG visitor medical insurance policy wordings

Know more about TATA AIG Travel health insurance products.

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TATA AIG travel without sublimits
TATA AIG travel medical insurance without sublimits

TATA AIG visitor medical insurance plan without sub-limits

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Overseas Student Insurance

Studying overseas in the USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, Germany... for Indian students is an incredible opportunity. To study in the college of your choice and to explore new places, new cultures is a dream come true.

Please read through TATA AIG student insurance brochure for the benefits covered by the plan and its policy wordings which explains the terms and conditions. You can also complete an online TATA AIG Travelguard proposal form. You can renew/extend the plan using TATA AIG student insurance extension on expiry. You can also get the complete quotes using the TATA AIG Student premium chart.
Student Guard
  • Students aged between 16 - 35 years are eligible to buy this plan
  • Offers the following plans
    • TATA AIG Student Guard Plan A covers $50,000
    • TATA AIG Student Guard Plan B covers $100,000
    • TATA AIG Student Guard Ultimate covers $250,000
    • TATA AIG Student Guard Ultimate Plus covers $500,000
    • TATA AIG Student Supreme covers $500,000
  • Get coverage for 1 year and renew for 2nd year.
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Health Insurance Quotes
1. Select the coverage type
2. Select the coverage amount
3. Age of senior member of the family
OR age years
Policy Duration
4. Start Date
4. End Date
Tata AIG offers some exclusive coverage benefits under overseas travel insurance.
Individual travel insurance Individual Travel Insurance
Individual travel insurance plans are designed for individual travelers both traveling overseas from India or for domestic travel within India.
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Family travel insurance Family Travel Insurance
A Family refers to an Individual, individuals spouse, children and parents. Family travel insurance offers medical coverage for all members of the family.
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Buy TATA AIG Insurance online

We have developed the online tools for customers to get free quotes for TATA AIG insurance products. Customers can purchase the policy online using Indian or international credit cards. Indian Debit cards and net banking options are also available within India. We also have a cheque option for customers where you can fill the application and mail us the cheque. The cheque details will be available while filling the cheque application form. We will issue, email and courier the policy to your address on receiving the cheque.

General Insurance Products

TATA AIG General insurance products that are available include overseas travel guard insurance, accident insurance, home insurance, student medical insurance, health insurance and motor insurance. Customers can purchase these policies online.

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