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NRI parents visiting children in the USA

NRI parents who are visiting their children abroad, particularly in the USA should do a little background work to avoid encountering any trouble during their travels. The lifestyle in the USA is different when compared to how NRI parents live in India. These are some resourceful tips for parents traveling to the USA for the first time.
  • Be cautious: When you are traveling, or at the airport, be cautious in your interactions. There is nothing wrong in chatting with people, but you should be on the guard as you are in an unfamiliar territory. Do not hold others luggage or watch it, and take care of your luggage and carry it even while going to the rest room. Do not trust anyone and leave your luggage with them.
  • While in the USA: Kids and grand-kids in the USA are very busy with their schedules. Never assume that they will be free to spend a lot of time with you. Life is fast paced and people have to work hard, which means they will be away from home for long time. You should be prepared for that and to keep yourself occupied. Keeping books to read are a good idea.
  • Leisure time: During ones free time in the USA women can take up knitting or sewing. Parents can also go for long walks or spend time reading books and magazines. You could also think of photography, reading books and teaching grandchildren.
  • Internet: If parents are familiar with computers and the use of the worldwide web, it is very helpful. You can contact your friends and family members back home. Voice chatting on the internet can be lot cheaper than making phone calls from the USA.
  • Weather in the USA: Parents should come prepared with apparel for weather changes in the USA. Sweaters will be handy during cold and for fierce winter you need warm jackets and boots. Cotton clothes would not be useful in a cold place. You could get lot of inner thermal wear.
  • English Language: Parents knowing the English language will find it easier as America is a English speaking country. If one does not know the language then learning some basic phrases and commonly used terns in English will be helpful for parents while staying in the USA.
  • Medical Check-ups: Parents should get all their medical check-ups before leaving India. If they are advised to take medicine then carry enough to last through their stay with their prescription. Medical treatment in the USA is expensive and travel insurance will be useful during emergencies. Carry a spare pair of eyeglasses if you use them.
  • Food items: While travelling, do not pack your bags with food items. Especially fruits and vegetables since it is against the law to get things like that to the USA. You have Indian grocery stores in the USA which also sell pickle. You need not have to carry all the way from India.

There could be other that can be foreign for Indian parents during their stay in the USA. Learn to adapt which is the best way for a successful stay in the USA. Keep an open mind and try out new things to have a relaxed and fun time in America. Another important thing that parents should know is American health care system which is expensive. Buy parents visitor insurance coverage for the short period stay in America and get financial help from the insurer in case of an unexpected emergency.

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