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NRI parents who are visiting their children abroad, particularly in the USA should do a little background work to avoid encountering any trouble during their travels.

lifestyle in the USA is different when compared to how NRI parents live in India. These are some resourceful tips for parents traveling to the USA for the first time.

   APRIL 23
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Indian tourists have become a common sight across the globe. Indians with increasing affordability travel around the world for sightseeing, exploring destinations and shopping in foreign countries. Many foreign countries have observed the increase in number of tourists from India every year. Lots of countries woo Indian vacationers with attractive holiday packages and cheap airfares.

   APRIL 19
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Travelling overseas broadens our perspectives about the world as it exposes us to different cultures and people, however these journeys also involve some risk.

chances of unexpected medical emergencies while outside India is always present.

   APRIL 17
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Traveling overseas has inherent risks and you cannot take risk medical expenses while overseas without insurance coverage. Bajaj Allianz travel Insurance coverage helps you travel in peace while outside India.
The Bajaj student insurance is very affordable when compared to even other Indian insurance companies.

   APRIL 13
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