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Diplomat International Quarantine travel insurance

  • Covid-19 insurance by Diplomat International insurance The Diplomat International covers Covid-19 as any other illness. The claim will be subject to all terms and conditions outlined in the policy plan provision.
  • The test for Covid19 will be covered ordered by a medical physician who deems it medically necessary, the insured fits the criteria for the test and the insured’s policy is active during the time of the testing.
  • The medical expenses would be covered as well during the time of the policy, if the signs and symptoms started during the effective date of the policy and will be paid per the parameters of the policy.
  • There is no trip cancellation coverage and Trip Interruption does not cover any conditions related to Covid-19.
  • No coverage for Vaccinations.

Travel health insurance for US citizens

Diplomat International Insurance offers medical insurance coverage to travelers of any age travelling outside their home country. The coverage includes accident & sickness medical benefits, travel assistance, AD&D benefits and optional coverage for adventure sports. Travelers aged 80 years and above are covered up to $20,000.
It is administered by Global Underwriters Insurance

Plan highlights of Global Underwriters Diplomat International Insurance

Diplomat International Insurance
Global Underwriters
Deductible Options
$0, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000, $2,500, $5,000 per person/plan period
Diplomat International Insurance Rating
AM Best Rating: "A" (Excellent)
Diplomat International insurance plan life - 5 days to 364 days
Policy Maximum
$50,000, $100,000, $250,000, $500,000, $1,000,000, Age 80+: 20,000
Diplomat International Insurance plans

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Plan highlights of Diplomat International Insurance

Diplomat International Eligibility
Eligibility to buy Diplomat International Insurance

  • This plan is available for people traveling outside their home Country excluding USA.
  • Coverage is available for the person, a second adult, unmarried dependent Children, or Children traveling alone.
  • Travel assistance services are also available.
  • Note: Coverage is NOT available for travel in Iran.
    Coverage is NOT available for citizens of Australia or Iran or residents of New York, Maryland and South Dakota.
Diplomat International Coinsurance
Diplomat International Insurance Coinsurance

After you pay your selected deductible this plan will pay 100% of Covered Expenses outside the USA and Canada up to the selected policy maximum.

Diplomat International Insurance Restrictions
International Insurance Restrictions

Diplomat International Insurance is not available for travel to Afghanistan.

Diplomat International Underwriter
Diplomat International Insurance Underwriter

Underwritten by HDI Global Specialty SE

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Diplomat International Insurance Optional Riders

The Traveler can purchase an optional rider at the time of application. The optional riders provide additional coverage for a minimal charge.

  • Home Country Coverage Rider
  • Enhanced Political and Natural Disaster Evacuation Rider
  • What is Enhanced AD & D Rider offered by Patriot International travel health insurance?

Expand your coverage, Select your coverage options with add on benefits

Home Country Coverage Rider
  • Offers limited coverage while in the home country.The plans pays 80% up to $50,000 of the covered expenses, then 100% to a maximum of $50,000 for incidental trips to home country or $10,000 for extension of benefits.
  • This rider increase the coverage from $50,000 to $100,000 ($30 per person per month)
  • The medical maximum provided is reduced to $20,000 for any illness or injury incurred from any athletic sport & hazardous activity not expressly covered here under is excluded from this policy unless the activity is non-contact and engaged in by you solely for leisure, recreation, entertainment, or fitness purposes only.
  • For the below listed activities apply the 1.25 factor to the base premium: Bobsledding; Bungee Jumping; Canopying; Hang Gliding; HeliJskiing; Horseback Riding; Jet, Snow, and Water Skiing; Kayaking; Martial Arts; Motorcycling & Motor Scooter; Mountain Biking; Mountain Climbing (under 14,000 feet); Paragliding; Parasailing; Piloting any NonJcommercial Aircraft; Safari; Scuba Diving, Skydiving; Snowboarding; Snowmobiling; Spelunking; Surfing; Trekking; Whitewater Rafting (up to and including Class V Rapid only); Wind Surfing; Zip Lining.
  • For the below listed activities apply the 1.25 factor to the base premium plus the monthly flat rate listed:
    • Low-Option additional $25.00 flat monthly rate: Arial Photograph (Use of proper restraints required); BMX (Racing or Competitive); Flying in any Chartered or Leased Aircraft or Helicopter.
    • High-Option additional $50.00 flat monthly rate: Diving with Sharks; Mountain Climbing (if over 14 thousand feet, guide required); Running with Bulls; Safari & Big Game Hunting (use of firearms); Security Detail (use of firearms).
  • For the below listed Intercollegiate, Interscholastic Athletics, Club Sports, and Organized Amateur Sports, apply the 1.25 factor to the base premium plus the monthly flat rate listed:
    • Low-Option additional $12.00 flat monthly rate: Baseball; Cheerleading; Cross Country; Diving; Equestrian; Fencing; Field Hockey; Golf; Polo Horse; Polo Water; Softball; Swimming; Tennis; Track and Field; Volleyball.
    • Middle-Option additional $26.00 flat monthly rate: Basketball; Competitive Cycling (Road, Track, CX); Ice Hockey; Lacrosse; Martial Arts; Skiing (Slalom, Giant Slalom, Downhill); Wrestling.
    • High-Option additional $80.00 flat monthly rate: Football (no Division One); Gymnastics; Rugby; Soccer.

Plan benefits of Diplomat International Insurance

Emergency Medical Evacuation & Repatriation $500,000
Trip Delay $2,000
Return of Mortal Remains $50,000
Return of Minor Child $50,000
Emergency Medical Reunion $50,000
Interruption of Trip $5,000
Loss of Baggage $50 per article; up to a maximum of $250
Political & Natural Disaster Evacuation $50,000
In Hospital Indemnity (for US citizens only) $100 per day to a maximum of 10 days
Emergency dental treatment Accident: Usual & Customary Expense; Palliative: $100
Sudded Recurrence of a Pre-existing Conditions Up to $20,000; ($2,500 for age 65 years and older) with waiting period of 18 months(for US citizens only)
Accidental Death and Dismemberment $25,000 with paralysis, coma
Excess Benefits All Coverage, except Accidental Death & Dismemberment, shall be in excess of all other valid and collectible insurance.

Diplomat International Insurance - FAQ

Does Diplomat International Insurance cover covid illness?

For Diplomat International plan:
Covid-19 is excluded on the Diplomat International plan. This plan does not cover any claim in any way caused by or resulting from:
a) Coronavirus disease (COVID-19);
b) Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2);
c) any mutation or variation of SARS-CoV-2;
d) any fear or threat of a), b) or c) above
For Covid19 travel insurance, please buy Diplomat longterm insurance with Global Underwriters coronavirus travel medical coverage.

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