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What is the reason to have a community for overseas students? If we look at the students visiting foreign countries, their numbers growing every year, and they always love to stay in touch with each other while abroad.

The communities formed to share ideas, experiences and also to help fresher students to cope with the foreign culture and lifestyle are really serving well in their spheres.

The community page on our website will help overseas students to have a access for the forum, alumni associations and discussion platforms that can allow them to share their ideas and perspectives with other students.

Here are some of the features we have to build this student community.

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Student Forums
This allows visitors to discuss freely with each other. OIS-NET requests users to be civil, and not misuse this facility.
20 Questions
Ever wondered what other Indian students are like, or what their views are on a variety of subjects? Well, ponder no longer. As the name indicates, we put 20 Questions to our fellow overseas Indian students, to seek their opinions and put names on the sea of anonymous faces.
Indian Student Associations
Here is a comprehensive listing of Indian Student Associations around the world.
Indian Alumni Websites
Here is a list of Indian Alumni Websites. This should help you re-establish contact with your former class mates.
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