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Bahrain is the place of islands which is located near western side of Persian Gulf. According to the recent information Bahrain is considered to be the rapid growing country with the largest economy. Bahrain is famous for the tourist destinations as it has many unique architectural buildings and landscapes where millions of tourists are seen every year. Bahrain is considered as "an excellent introduction to the Persian Gulf" due to its heritage and culture.
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History of Bahrain

This is the place of Dilmun diversity and culture. The history of Bahrain has the traces of Persian empires, the Parthians and Sassanians empires; later in 628 AD it got converted to Islam and finally in 1521 Bahrain was occupied by Portuguese.

In the year 1932 Oil was established in Bahrain and later they realized to concentrate more on the tourist economy and banking areas.

Manama is the Bahrain's capital and it is the home for many activities like Financing, Harbour and World Trade Center. Arabic is the language of Bahrain. English is also used in most parts of Bahrain. The Khaliji style is the music of folk famous in the city. The Sawt style is performed by Oud group of people which is famous for urban music.

Popular tourist destinations in Bahrain


The kingdom of Bahrain is a multi-ethnic society and a popular tourist destination in the Middle East. Bahrain is famous for its impressive mosques, burial mounds, and traditional markets.


Located in the center of the main island of Bahrain, Riffa has several historic jewels, preserved through the centuries.


Seef is a commercial district in Manama, the capital city of Bahrain Seef is a result of active land reclamation work starting in the 1980s, which has dramatically changed the Bahrain coastline.


Muharraq is a city on Muharraq Island, in Bahrain. It's known for its winding narrow alleyways with traditional Bahraini houses.


  • Bahrain city centre: This is one of the biggest malls in the city. The mall consists of accessories, gadgets, cosmetics, toys, perfumes, unique and international brand clothing, etc.
  • Seef mall: Located in the center of the Bahrain city. The first security mall in the whole city, where you get the items for the retail prices like glasses, furniture etc. Fansty Park is the other attraction in the Seef mall
  • Bahrain mall: It is the family mall with ultimate shopping experience, with over 120 international brands items in the mall.
  • Marina mall: This is an amazing mall in the city and the best place to hang out. This is the place where you get books, magazines, jewellery, shoes, and watches.

Places to visit

  • Bahrain national museum: Bahrain's flagship museum was opened in the year 1988. This museum has a history of the islands and is good to visit while you are in Bahrain
  • Al Muharraq attractions: This is one of the beautiful attractions in the city. Here you will find the architectural buildings, unique structures etc.
  • Riffa attractions: This has an amazing dining restaurant with the items ranging from Bacon Butties to signature Steak Stone dish.
  • Wahoo water park: This is an aqua park which will attract many children and is a good time for the kids to hang out as the temperature is very calm


Roads: Bahrain has a developed road network, especially in Manama. Oil establishment led to the development of many roads and highways by connecting many cities within Bahrain. The four main islands in the city and villages are connected by well-developed roads.
Metro: Located in the Persian Gulf, Bahrain is a country adamant to keep up with its bigger neighbors, both in terms of their adherence to the Economic Vision 2030 goals as well as publictransportation initiatives. The Bahrain Metro will have driverless trains and cover 109 kilometers via 6 lines.
Airports: Bahrain International Airport is one of the main airports in Bahrain which is situated on the islands of Muharraq, in the north-east. This airport has 100,000 flights and can handle more than a million of passengers in a year.

Visa Information

Indian Embassy at Bahrain
Embassy of India Bahrain Embassy of India Bahrain Building 1090, Road 2819, Block 428 Al-Seef, Manama PO Box 26106 Kingdom of Bahrain
Telephone 00973 1756 0360/1771 2785
Fax 00973 1771 5527
Timings Submission and collection of documents: 08.30am to 12.00 noon (Sunday to Thursday)
Consulate working hours 8 AM to 1 PM & 4PM to 8 PM (Saturday to Thursday)
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