TAMIL LANGUAGE - தமிழ் மொழி

Tamil language Tamil is a classical language and one of the major languages of the Dravidian language family. Spoken predominantly by Tamils in India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and Singapore, it has smaller communities of speakers in many other countries. As of 1996, it was the eighteenth most spoken language, with over 74 million speakers worldwide. It is one of the official languages of India, Singapore and Sri Lanka.

History of the Tamil language - தமிழ் மொழி வரலாறு

The origins of Tamil, like the other Dravidian languages but unlike most of the other established literary languages of India, are independent of Sanskrit. Tamil has the oldest literature amongst the Dravidian languages. The history of the Tamil language may conveniently be divided into three periods, namely:
  • Early Tamil, comprising the period between the sixth century before and the sixth century after Christ;
  • Mediaeval Tamil, between the sixth century and the twelfth century; and
  • Modern Tamil, from the twelfth century down to the present day.

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