Kashmiri language Kashmiri or Koshur is a member of the Dardic subgroup of the Indo-Aryan language. It has around 7 million speakers mainly in the Kashmir Valley in Jammu and Kashmir in northern India, and also in the Chenab valley. There are also around a hundred thousand Kashmiri speakers in Pakistan.

History of the Kashmiri language

There are two main regional dialects, namely Poguli and Kashtawari spoken outside the valley of Kashmiri (Koul and Schmidt 1984). According to the 201 census, India has about 5,554,496 Kashmiri speakers. Even about 105,000 Kashmiri speakers in Pakistan are mostly the immigrants from the Kashmir Valley. Kashmiri Language basically belongs to the geographical linguistic sub-grouping called the Dardic part of the Indo-European Language Family. It is also one of the 22 scheduled languages of India and is also the official language of Jammu and Kashmir.



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