Poets Corner

On a night under the American sky!

June, 2001

I open my eyes
dreamily from sleep
with a feeling of ecstasy,
to find myself
drenching in the moonlight
that fell over me
from the open window.
I stare at the clear sky,
the moon and
the lonely northern star
and fantasize about
all magnificent things
around me.
I hear a distant muffle,
my heart beat fast
to find another soul
from all among those
who are deadlike
in their sleep.
I lower my senses from
the heavens
to the earth, to
listen to the hum
that I thought the heart
is singing, like my own.
I find my sanity
deceiving me, it's
not a hum but a sob
with a curse that came
from the depths of a heart
"I thought
you loved me, I
thought you
are my life, and
my destiny.
You liar, you
loser, now you
left me in shadows
of this night, of
my lost feelings."
I hear heavy footsteps
pass below my window.
I saw a girl in red shirt
her seemingly black hair
all over her face,
a back pack dangling
over her shoulders.
she disappeared into
the darkness of the night,
as I try to pickup
courage to call
her into my home.
With a tear in my eye

~ Kodidela Mamatha in New Jersey, USA.

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