Poets Corner

I trust your friendship

March, 2000

Friendship is a beautiful thing
People say...
It is rich, costly and rare-
Not built on marbles
Or on sand tombs...
It is a happening
Of two people
Who understand each other...
In defeat and victory
In strife and sorrow...
I value friendship
More than my life
When I give
I give from the bottom
Of my heart
Without any thought,
Without any expectation...
In four decades
Of life
I have given a hundred times
I have received a few...
You came my way
To make me feel
That these two hearts
Beat as one...
These two birds
Fly as one...
These two souls
Feel as one...
I have someone more than me
To think
And help people
More than me.
You are the one
Who has lit
The candle
In my life
And driven away
The feeling
Of a sacrificed goat
Of circumstances,
Of people,
Of pseudo friends.

~ Dr. Pasupathi Thani.

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