Poets Corner

Black Veil

September 2, 2000

Desperation dogs me thro' daylight
and I yearn for the soothing calm of the night.
stark buildings clustered around,
the musty odor of fear invades my being.
as I suffocate slowly, surely,
when the windows bang shut
and the silence screams out to be heard.
questions creep up on me and
slowly tap me on my back
I look back but the answers seem so distant,
it hurts me to look for them.
let them be,
this is not where I belong
I look for warmth
comfort in a cradle
let the night come,
I shall draw the soothing black veil
over myself
and lie back to ponder
on the many imponderables.
this is where I belong.

This poem embodies all the dark demons that I have been chasing throughout my childhood and the early years of maturity (early 1990s).

~ Sekhar Vijay, New York, USA.

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