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ICICI Lombard overseas travel insurance premium calculator

The ICICI Lombard travel insurance calculator is a user friendly tool that helps customers compute the premium of overseas travel insurance plans. It give an idea of how much the traveler has to spend to get covered while overseas. This tool is very helpful as it shows what is covered and how much expenses are covered in case of medical and non-medical emergency. The customers have to fill the form by entering their travel details like destination, travel duration, age and number of travellers. This calculator has been designed to assist the customer understand the different factors on which the travel insurance premium depends. Following are some factors the premium of the visitor medical insurance depends on:

Age of the traveler

The premium for older travelers is quite high as the risk involved in covering them is very high, they are more prone to sickness and accidents because of their age. Premium for other age groups are comparatively less.

Destination is also one of the major factors that affect the premium of travel insurance. As the cost of medical treatment in USA and Europe is very high if you are buying travel insurance to cover you in US, Europe or Schengen countries, the premium would be quite high

Number of travelers

Of course the premium would be higher when the number of travelers increases.
Travel duration

For first 7 days of your travel ICICI Lombard travel insurance has a slab rate, followed by which the premium for the insurance is per day. It increases as the number of days increases.
Type of coverage

ICICI Lombard travel insurance plans are broadly classified into 3 options namely Platinum, Gold and Silver plans. They all have a deductible of $100. This is the amount the insured has to pay first before the insurance plan actually starts to cover the hospitalization expenses. Platinum and Gold plan have coverage options from $50,000 up to $500,00 while the Silver plan has $50,000 and $100,000. The premium for the Platinum plan is obviously higher compared to the Gold and the silver plan as the coverage level is the best. Platinum plan offers premium coverage while the silver plan offers basic coverage.

For detailed schedule of benefits review the ICICI Lombard travel insurance brochure. To understand the coverage visit the ICICI Lombard travel Insurance policy wordings. You can also complete an online ICICI Lombard travel insurance proposal form. In case you wish to extend you travel, the insurance plan can be renewed up to 365 days by filling the ICICI Lombard Extension form for travel insurance.

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