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November, 2002

According to the most recent data provided by the Institute of International Education (IIE), India have moved to the top position for being the source of international students to the United States. The report for the academic year 2001/02 states that the number of Indians studying in the US is 66,836. This figure represents a 22% increase from 2001. As a result of this increase India has surpassed China as the leading sending country. India's 66,836 students now represent 12% of the total number of international students in the United States.

Indian students in the United States over the years

Year Number
2001/02 66,836
2000/01 54,664
1999/00 42,337

Despite the Spetember 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, the total number of international students in 2002 reached an all time record high of 582,996. This figure is a 6.4% increase from the previous year, and constitutes about 4% of the total student population in the country. International students contribute nearly $12 billion dollars to the U.S. economy in money spent on tuition, living expenses, and related costs. Nearly 75% of all international student funding comes from personal and family sources or other sources outside of the United States. Department of Commerce data describe U.S. higher education as the country's fifth largest service sector export.

Figures for students from different countries show interesting trends. In the USA there is a 22% increase enrollments by Indian students, which means now India has surpassed China for the first time as the leading country in sending students. There are several factors which attributes to the raise in number. One of the main reasons can be the growth in size and affluence of Indian middle class community.

China, was earlier the leading sending contry in previous 3 years among other Asian countries is now replaced by India. After China, we see the Republic of Korea as the third-leading sender.

Ranking of International students to the United States (Top 10 countries)

Rank Country Number
1 India 66,836
2 China 63,211
3 Korea 49,046
4 Japan 46,810
5 Taiwan 28,930
6 Canada 26,514
7 Mexico 12,518
8 Turkey 12,091
9 Indonesia 11,614
10 Thailand 11,606

The most popular fields of study for international students in the U.S. are business and management (20%) and engineering (15%). Thirteen percent of international students are studying mathematics and computer sciences, the fastest growing major - with a 13% increase from last year, building on the previous year's increase of 18%.

One hundred and fifty U.S. colleges and universities hosted 1,000 or more international students. In 2001/02, there were 29 campuses that hosted more than 3,000 international students each. After four years as number one, New York University has been surpassed as the leading host institution by the University of Southern California

The following is a ranking of American Universities in order of enrolled International students.

Rank University Number
1 University of Southern California 5,950
2 New York University 5,504
3 Columbia University 5,116
4 Purdue University Main Campus 4,695
5 University of Texas at Austin 4,673
6 Boston University 4,412

The following is a ranking of American States in order of enrolled International students.

Rank State Number Percent increase from 2001
1 California 78,741 6
2 New York 62,053 7
3 Texas 44,192 17
4 Massachusetts 29,988 2
5 Florida 28,303 12
6 Illinois 25,498 5

The following is a ranking of American cities in order of enrolled International students.

Rank Metropolitan Area Number
1 New York 35,737
2 Los Angeles / Long Beach 28,573
3 Boston 24,117
4 Washington D.C 21,727
5 Chicago 16,170
6 Philadelphia 11,002
7 Houston 10,561
8 Dallas 9,390
9 San Jose 9,250
10 Thailand 8,375
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