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Travel medical insurance for international travel is offered by CrossBorder Services LLC, a New Jersey, USA, company. Crossborder works with top US and International insurers (AIG, Chartis, AIU holdings, Nationwide, Lloyds, Sirius international ...) to provide affordable, reliable health insurance for overseas travel. Tourists can compare medical insurance plans, get quotes and buy the best health insurance for their needs with ease.
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Visitor Travel Insurance
International tourists while outside their home country need medical insurance cover to handle medical expenses.
Complete this form to get free quotes from multiple insurers. We work with reputed providers, so you can compare all popular travel insurance plans in one screen. You can compare prices as well as coverage benefits.

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pre-existing condition
Pre Existing Condition
While there are several travel medical plans for short stays in the US, there are few travel plans which cover pre-existing conditions. Pre-existing conditions are medical ailments that the customer suffers from before he or she buy the travel insurance.
Our pre-existing conditions comparison tool is user-friendly and along with the cost, it also highlights details of the pre-existing condition coverage.

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Visitors to USA
Compare and purchase US Visitors medical insurance for parents visiting USA from India.
  • Visitors and new immigrants to USA & Canada are not eligible for domestic health plans.
  • Health Insurance is required to maintain visa (Exchange scholar J Visa, student F1 Visa, Fiance K visa ...)
  • Travel Insurance is required for visa (Schengen Visa insurance for Europe travel).
  • Enjoy a vacation without worrying about trip cancellations, loss or delay in baggage.
  • Medical care in countries like USA, Canada,.. are not cheap.
  • Immediate care available for medical emergency situations.
  • USA toll free number 24 hour access, simple claims process.
  • Simple travel insurance usa purchase facility, no medical tests or paperwork. Instant virtual insurance ID card.
  • Customers can always email us their questions. We strive hard to provide affordable coverage for travelers and immigrants with prompt professional service.
  • Visitors Health Insurance for international travelers to United States of America (USA) and Canada is strongly recommended and in some instance even mandatory to get the relevant visa.
  • Given the high cost of healthcare, not purchasing proper insurance is being penny wise and pound foolish.
  • Travelers should purchase insurance before they start their travel as plans cannot be purchased after a medical emergency is encountered.
  • These plans are popular for travelers from Germany, the UK and Australia as well as with large US based immigrant communities.
  • Understanding coverage details can be challenging. There are several insurers with many plans, different deductibles, various coverage options and restrictions.
  • Our tools help you compare all major plans, and purchase a coverage that best meets your specific needs.
  • You can quickly get quotes, easily understand insurance terms and find answers to common questions.
You can compare plans offered by different insurers by providing travel dates, traveler age, destination and other relevant information. The insurance compare tool will display a comprehensive list of plans that satisfy your criteria. The visitor can get further details of plans they like by contacting our customer support team (1-877-340-7910) or by viewing the plan brochures. After choosing a plan, customers can buy travel insurance online to start the coverage as early as the following day or at any later date of your choice.

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