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Computers and Human Life:
  1. Computer has UNDO command, which wipes out undesired data entered by you. In life, you don't have UNDO command, so you can't wipe out undesired words spoken by you. Lesson: Abusing or accusing words spoken are like bullets hitting the hearts. Be careful of your words when dealing with human beings. Just as you don't want yourself to be abused by others, others also don't like that.
  2. Computer asks you before you SAVE the data entered by you - Are you sure you want to save it? In life, often you are not asked by others whether you are sure you say /do is what you really mean. This is b'cos they trust your words or actions. Lesson: If not asked by others, ask yourself - Are you sure about what you say do? If answer from your within is yes, take responsibility of what you say /do and stick to it no matter how difficult it is.
  3. If you run a Batch input of data on a computer system, you have a chance to review and correct while reprocessing errors of data. In life, you may realise your ERRORS but it may not be possible to relive the error situations and correct the errors. Lesson: When you are doing something wrong, internally you know that you are WRONG. Don't ignore this internal warning and make your best efforts to avoid the error on your part. Discuss openly with others what you feel and what you expect from them. Be fair to others also and try to arrive at a Win-Win situation for all. This does not require saintly character but just putting aside your ego for a while and think positively.
  4. Computer has COPY & PASTE functions with which you can very easily replicate good data and even improve them. In life, how many times do we remember the good done by us to others and their overwhelming response to it and try to do that good again and again with some improvements? Lesson: Don't' be miser in repeating good actions for others. It pays a lot in terms of true happiness.
  5. Computers and computer systems have version upgrades and new features. What do you do to upgrade/ diversify your self with changing time after you complete your formal education? Lesson: You are your own asset. Be aware of changes around you and be ready to diversify and adapt yourself to new ideas and progressive opportunities. Formal education obtained once does not guarantee you permanent growth in this dynamic and competitive world.
  6. Computers and computer systems are not judged by their outer appearance or beautiful screens but they are judged by their internal functions. In real life ,how many times you judge people by their real qualities and not by their outer appearance or the outer show they create? Lesson: Learn to judge people by understanding their real qualities and character. Real people are silent workers and don't like to make show of their qualities and character because they trust GOD and know that it is HE who knows them well. Don't be influenced by noisy show of character by False people because they really LACK the character and so try to create an outer show.

  7. Computers and computer systems require periodic shut down for repairs and maintenance. How many periodic breaks you take to relax and give rest to yourself? Lesson: You are a human being and not machine! Take some days off periodically, relax and refresh your energies in the vicinity of nature.

  8. Computers and computer systems are result of innovation and research. How many times you try to think innovatively for your own life ? Lesson: Life is a journey towards progress, enrichment and more perfection of yourself. You are not required to live the same way your parents lived. Come out of their shadow and protection and see life with your own eyes. Believe yourself , Trust God and try to think innovatively for your life . Good opportunities do come your way in the process , have courage to utilise them. Remember Genius are those people who deviated from the routine path and courageously made their own path.
  9. Computers and computer systems have bugs but they have bug fixes too. How many lessons do we learn from our own past mistakes or from mistakes made by others? Lesson: To err is human. But to learn from mistakes and NOT TO REPEAT them should also be human. You can make your life happy and easy simply by avoiding your own past mistakes and not making the mistakes which others around you made.
  10. AFTER ALL, don't you feel that computers and computer systems are creation of WE human beings? Yes, they are. Then why is it that they function more perfect in some ways than even us ( their creators)? Is it because:
  11. They don't have ego, jealousy, complexes, laziness - so common to human nature?
...  Or We create them to meet our specific needs with great perfection but we don't use that knowledge, that effort to perfect ourselves because we ALWAYS THINK we are perfect.

Or We build computers to give intelligent responses to different situations but We as human beings are so PROUD to be Emotional beings that we take pride in responding emotionally rather than intelligently to different situations in life, even though those emotions may hurt other emotional beings.

Or We are good in improving computers and changing the systems but not ourselves because we NEVER think that we need to CHANGE ourselves also.

Or We have brought generations of computers but we are still SAME HUMAN beings, suffering from same ego, self centered ness, greed , so many complexes and personality problems. Do we not need to evolve ourselves also to be a BETTER HUMAN RACE?

Just think about these questions.
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- Pinky Mukhi in Holland

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