Fijian Crisis: Role of the Indian Government

June 2, 2000

The whole world is looking with shock and dismay on what's happening in Fiji. The terror tactics unleashed by a group of barbaric, uncivilized Indigenous Fijians, who have no respect for individuals, no respect for hard work and no knowledge of social behavior, have pushed the future of lakhs of peace loving and hardworking Fijians of Indian Origin to absolute uncertainty. Countries like Australia and New Zealand have been seriously condemning the act and have started taking retaliatory action against this barbaric way of throwing away a legitimate government. But India has been maintaining a peculiar silence over the issue, not to mention those random reactions by some foreign service officials.

Is this what Indians around the world expect from India? Who would they look for in their time of distress? Would they ever feel proud of their ethnicity and origin when their own compatriots are failing them? (This an extract from the statements of a prominent Fijian of Indian Origin).

Today it has happened in Fiji. It may happen in somewhere else tomorrow, may be in USA where lives and properties of millions of successful Indians could be at stake. With what moral right Promod Mahajan has been persuading Indians in America to pump in investment? How does he expect that when we have so shockingly failed to voice our protest on their behalf?

It's also ironic that in a country where media is so sensitive about every little thing, this issue has been completely sidelined, doesn't even get proper coverage. And while all this is happening, our PM goes on holiday, without even bothering to issue a statement in favour of those Fijians who count on his help.

- R. R. Mohanty in Mauritius

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