Religare Health Insurance Claims Procedure

Step 1 : Claim Intimation In case of an emergency hospitalization inform within 24 hours of your admission and if your hospitalization is planned, kindly intimate 48 hours prior to your admission.

Step 2 : Initiating the process for Pre-Authorization form will be available at the hospital's Insurance desk, or you can alternatively download from here.

Step 3 : Processing a request for Pre-Authorization
  • Religare medical team will review the case and documents submitted by hospital.
  • If your request for Pre-Authorization is approved, you and the hospital will be duly informed.
  • In case of any information deficiency or further information requirement, you and the hospital will be regularly intimated to ensure resolution of the same at the earliest.
  • If your request for Pre-Authorization is not approved, it only indicates that the company is not able to process your request based on information available with us at this point of time. In such cases, you may claim for reimbursement of your expenses after discharge from the hospital.
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