Mangala Gowri Ashtottara

Mangala Gowri Vrata/Puja is observed/performed during the Tuesdays in the month of Shravana and also referred to as Shravana Mangala Gowri Puja. Mangala Gowri Puja is dedicated to Goddess Gowri or Parvati and done with the intention that Goddess Gowri will bless the house with auspiciousness, material prosperity, health and long life. This vrata is mentioned in the Bhavishyoththara Purana / Hindu religious texts and is traditionally performed by women for the first five years of their married life.
1. Om Shri Gauryai Namah।
2. Om Ganeshajananyai Namah।
3. Om Girirajatanudbhavayai Namah।
4. Om Guhambikayai Namah।
5. Om Jaganmatre Namah।
6. Om Gangadharakutumbinyai Namah।
7. Om Virabhadraprasuve Namah।
8. Om Vishvavyapinyai Namah।
9. Om Vishvarupinyai Namah।
10. Om Ashtamurtyatmikayai Namah।
11. Om Kashtadaridryashamanyai Namah।
12. Om Shivayai Namah।
13. Om Shambhavyai Namah।
14. Om Shankaryai Namah।
15. Om Balayai Namah।
16. Om Bhavanyai Namah।
17. Om Bhadradayinyai Namah।
18. Om Mangalyadayinyai Namah।
19. Om Sarvamangalayai Namah।
20. Om Manjubhashinyai Namah।
21. Om Maheshawaryai Namah।
22. Om Mahamayayai Namah।
23. Om Mantraradhyayai Namah।
24. Om Mahabalayai Namah।
25. Om Hemadrijayai Namah।
26. Om Haimavatyai Namah।
27. Om Parvatyai Namah।
28. Om Papanashinyai Namah।
29. Om Narayananshajayai Namah।
30. Om Nityayai Namah।
31. Om Nirishayai Namah।
32. Om Nirmalayai Namah।
33. Om Ambikayai Namah।
34. Om Mridanyai Namah।
35. Om Munisansevyayai Namah।
36. Om Maninyai Namah।
37. Om Menakatmajayai Namah।
38. Om Kumaryai Namah।
39. Om Kanyakayai Namah।
40. Om Durgayai Namah।
41. Om Kalidoshanishudinyai Namah।
42. Om Katyayinyai Namah।
43. Om Kripapurnayai Namah।
44. Om Kalyanyai Namah।
45. Om Kamalarchitayai Namah।
46. Om Satyai Namah।
47. Om Sarvamayyai Namah।
48. Om Saubhagyadayai Namah।
49. Om Saraswatyai Namah।
50. Om Amalayai Namah।
51. Om Amarasansevyayai Namah।
52. Om Annapurnayai Namah।
53. Om Amriteshwaryai Namah।
54. Om Akhilagamasanstutayai Namah।
55. Om Sukhasachchitsudharasayai Namah।
56. Om Balyaradhitabhuteshayai Namah।
57. Om Bhanukotisamadyutaye Namah।
58. Om Hiranmayyai Namah।
59. Om Parayai Namah।
60. Om Sukshmayai Namah।
61. Om Shitanshukritashekharayai Namah।
62. Om Haridrakumkumaradhyayai Namah।
63. Om Sarvakalasumangalyai Namah।
64. Om Sarvabhogapradayai Namah।
65. Om Samashikhayai Namah।
66. Om Vedantalakshanayai Namah।
67. Om Karmabrahmamayyai Namah।
68. Om Kamakalanayai Namah।
69. Om Kankshitarthadayai Namah।
70. Om Chandrarkayitatankayai Namah।
71. Om Chidambarasharirinyai Namah।
72. Om Shrichakravasinyai Namah।
73. Om Devyai Namah।
74. Om Kameshwarapatnyai Namah।
75. Om Kamalayai Namah।
76. Om Mararatipriyardhangyai Namah।
77. Om Markandeyavarapradayai Namah।
78. Om Putrapautravarapradayai Namah।
79. Om Punyayai Namah।
80. Om Purusharthapradayinyai Namah।
81. Om Satyadharmaratayai Namah।
82. Om Sarvasakshinyai Namah।
83. Om Shatashangarupinyai Namah।
84. Om Shyamalayai Namah।
85. Om Bagalayai Namah।
86. Om Chandyai Namah।
87. Om Matrikayai Namah।
88. Om Bhagamalinyai Namah।
89. Om Shulinyai Namah।
90. Om Virajayai Namah।
91. Om Swahayai Namah।
92. Om Swadhayai Namah।
93. Om Pratyangirambikayai Namah।
94. Om Aryayai Namah।
95. Om Dakshayinyai Namah।
96. Om Dikshayai Namah।
97. Om Sarvavastuttamottamayai Namah।
98. Om Shivabhidhanayai Namah।
99. Om Shrividyayai Namah।
100. Om Pranavarthaswarupinyai Namah।
101. Om Hrimkaryai Namah।
102. Om Nadarupayai Namah।
103. Om Tripurayai Namah।
104. Om Trigunayai Namah।
105. Om Ishwaryai Namah।
106. Om Sundaryai Namah।
107. Om Swarnagauryai Namah।
108. Om Shodashaksharadevatayai Namah।
Mangala Gowri

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