Goddess Ganga Names

n Hinduism, the river Ganges is considered sacred and is personified as a goddess known as Ganga. It is worshipped by Hindus who believe that bathing in the river causes the remission of sins and facilitates Moksha (liberation from the cycle of life and death) the water of Ganga is considered very pure.

Ganga was believed to be born from the kamandala of Brahma , touched the feet of Vamana and trapped in the locks of Krishna. According to the Skanda Purana , Shiva marries both the daughters of Himavan.These two daughters are Ganga and Uma(Parvathi). That is one reason we call Ganesha as Gangey
1 Om Sri Gangayai Namah
2 Om Sri Maha Devyay Namah
3 Om Sri Kartyay Namah
4 Om Sri Parigrahaayay Namah
5 Om Sri Gowthamyay Namah
6 Om Sri Bhavaanyay Namah
7 Om Sri Maathre Namah
8 Om Sri Jayaanvithaayay Namah
9 Om Sri Shaankaryay Namah
10 Om Sri Shivaayay Namah
11 Om Sri Durandharaayay Namah
12 Om Sri Durgaayay Namah
13 Om Sri Padaambhojaayay Namah
14 Om Srimath Tripurasundaryay Namah
15 Om Sri Kaalyay Namah
16 Om Sri Padaayay Namah
17 Om Sri Mandiraayay Namah
18 Om Sri Chakradhaarinyay Namah
19 Om Sri Madhbaalaayay Namah
20 Om Sri Parameshwaryay Namah
21 Om Sri Chakraraajaneeyaayay Namah
22 Om Sri Karnaayay Namah
23 Om Sri Pativrathaayay Namah
24 Om Sri Madhananthaphaladaayay Namah
25 Om Sri Beejaayay Namah
26 Om Sri Karaavarthaayay Namah
27 Om Sri Jayaayay Namah
28 Om Sri Viraajithaayay Namah
29 Om Sri Moolaayay Namah
30 Om Sri Vasundharaayay Namah
31 Om Sri Thoyaayay Namah
32 Om Sri Mukhaayay Namah
33 Om Sri Nikethanaayay Namah
34 Om Sri Vilaasinyay Namah
35 Om Sri Bhrooyugaayay Namah
36 Om Sri Madhambaayay Namah
37 Om Sri Simhaasanasthithaayay Namah
38 Om Sri Janghaayay Namah
39 Om Sri Bhagaayay Namah
40 Om Sri Mathkatee Chakra Raajinyay Namah
41 Om Sri Madhyamaayay Namah
42 Om Sri Vishaalaakshyay Namah
43 Om Sri Vidyaayay Namah
44 Om Sri Paraayay Namah
45 Om Sri Shriyay Namah
46 Om Sri Maaninyay Namah
47 Om Sri Karaabjaayay Namah
48 Om Sri Mathsimhaasaneshwaryay Namah
49 Om Sri Vakshaayay Namah
50 Om Sri Parigyaanaayay Namah
51 Om Sri Jataayay Namah
52 Om Sri Smithaananaayay Namah
53 Om Sri Madhaagama Samvedyaayay Namah
54 Om Sri Vedantha Pradeepithaayay Namah
55 Om Sri Shiva Jataa Joota Nivaasinyay Namah
56 Om Sri Bhadraasana Madhyasthayay Namah
57 Om Sri Karaarchithaayay Veena Gana Lolupaayay Namah
58 Om Sri Macchitraambaradharaayay Namah
59 Om Sri Mathyay Namah
60 Om Sri Madhaapagaayay Namah
61 Om Sri Madambikaayay Namah
62 Om Sri Gunaayay Namah
63 Om Sri Kuchadwayaayay Namah
64 Om Sri Danthaayay Namah
65 Om Sri Kavachaayay Namah
66 Om Sri Kaanchana Pushpaayay Namah
67 Om Sri Naasikaayay Namah
68 Om Sri Manoharaayay Namah
69 Om Sri Vigrahaayay Namah
70 Om Sri Visheshaayay Namah
71 Om Sri Bhaashaayay Namah
72 Om Sri Dharmaathmajaayay Namah
73 Om Sri Naarayana Padaabhja Makarandaayay Namah
74 Om Sri Gowthamaagha Samharthre Namah
75 Om Sri Bhoo-Neelaadhi Samstuthaayay Namah
76 Om Sri Mahaanaasaayay Namah
77 Om Sri Netraayay Namah
78 Om Sri Manorathaayay Namah
79 Om Srie Mahaa Deepthaayay Namah
80 Om Sri Balaayay Namah
81 Om Sri Mahaa Mathayay Namah
82 Om Sri Bhooshanaayay Namah
83 Om Sri Shathamgaayay Namah
84 Om Sri Divyaamrutha Vaahinyay Namah
85 Om Sri Muni Sathi Brunda Sevithaamala Paadukaayay Namah
86 Om Sri Surabrunda Sathkuchaayay Namah
87 Om Sri Taranginyay Namah
88 Om Sri Gohatyaa Paapavgha Haarinye Namah
89 Om Sri Stree-Hatyavgha Nivaarinye Namah
90 Om Sri Gowthama Thapoyogadaayay Namah
91 Om Sri Kanchukadhaarinyay Namah
92 Om Sri Mantra Phaladaayay Namah
93 Om Sri Girivaraathmajaayay Namah
94 Om Sri Adhbhutha Charitraayay Namah
95 Om Sri Vathsaankitha Vakshathstyay Namah
96 Om Sri Khecharyay Namah
97 Om Sri Bhooshana Bhooshithaayay Namah
98 Om Sri Pandita Sampoojyaayay Namah
99 Om Sri Agama Mahaa Nadyay Namah
100 Om Sri Vasishtamuni Nikhilassapthadhaa Saagaraanvithaayay Namah
101 Om Sri Godavari Mahaa Nadyay Namah
102 Om Sri Godavaryay Namah
103 Om Sri Maatpa Sangama Paapaayay Namah
104 Om Sri Mahaa Nadyay Namah
105 Om Sri Madhbhoomadhyamaayay Namah
106 Om Mahapatakanashinyai Namah
107 Om Papahantryai Namah
108 Om Shambhumauliviharinyai Namah
Goddess Ganga

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