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Need for setting up such groups in cities around india
Development of attractive work opportunities abroad and availability of highly educated, skilled and proficient manpower in India has led to a large number of young Indians studying or working outside the country. Their efforts to take advantage of the emerging opportunities have full support and blessing of their parents.
None the less, parents who are left behind, often face tremendous problems of adjustment. Parents suffer painful separation of their loved daughters and sons, lack of emotional support, financial and physical insecurity. Above all, they feel the need for sharing the problems with similarly placed persons.

During the initial period of separation, both parents and children live on the hope of reuniting in the foreseeable future, after education is completed and some professional experience is gained. Many, however, decide to stay abroad to explore new horizons. This often marks the emergence of new problems for many families.
The working children engaged in developing their career and raising their own family can no longer visit their parents as often as they like to. The aging parents, sensing lack of emotional support, begin to worry about their sunset years.
Many children advise their parents to emigrate permanently. However, for various reasons, it is difficult for most of the parents to accept this idea. Thus the initial gap - a geographical one, widens with addition of an emotional gap that is more critical than the geographical one.
Sensing of a need for organized and sustained effort to alleviate the physical and emotional problems of the Parents led to the formation of the NRIs' Parents' organizations at locations, such as, Pune, Bangalore and Baroda. These organizations, as a matter of fact, provide to such parents, a second family that is with them all the time.

There could well be several other places in the country where such organizations already exist and quite a few places where setting up of similar organizations would serve very useful purpose.

An All-India body, Association of Parents of Indians Resident Overseas has now been formed to bring all such organizations together under a single umbrella. This will not only serve to coordinate the working of all the organizations, but will also result in unified and powerful support for desirable facilities, special provisions, rules and regulations, etc. for Indians resident overseas (NRIs) as well as their parents. The Apex Body, with the backing of organizations all over India, will be able to take up, powerful leverage, matters of common interest with the governments - Indian and Foreign, embassies and consulates, financial institutions, judiciary, airlines, hotel chains, travel agents, insurance companies, hospital and doctors in India and abroad, local administration, police, etc.

Activities of organisations currently functioning at certain locations have benefited and provided much needed support to the parents. Typical activities are briefly described here.

NRIs' Parents' Organizations would be able to operate in a number of areas of direct interest to its members and also to their NRI children. Typical examples are:
  • Providing Emotional Support
    Through development of fellowship among members, group meetings, recreational, intellectual and cultural activities, sharing of personal experiences, including problems and possible solutions.
  • Entertainment Through picnics and longer outings, celebration of festivals, participation in group events as well as collective visits to theatres, cinemas and concerts.
  • 'One-by-Two' Scheme
    Under which care, companionship and support is provided to elderly members by two relatively younger members.
  • Dealing with Issues of Common Interest
    The organization can effectively deal with common issues, such as, medical facilities, insurance, property, financial matters, travel, immigration, inheritance, transfer of funds abroad and many others, an ongoing basis.
  • Negotiating Proper Insurance
    Covers on Special Terms, including Overseas Medical Insurance
  • Foreign Travel and Related Matters.
    Passport, Visa, Travel Planning as also counseling, assistance and orientation for travel and stay abroad, especially for the 'first-time' travelers - parents as well as children.
  • Group Travel within India
  • Advice on Migration Issues
  • Dissemination of Information
    Through meetings, newsletters, directories, etc.
  • Setting up of Activity Centres
    Day Care Centres. Residential and Healthcare Facilities for the Elderly Members.
  • Healthcare in India and Abroad
    Including regular health check-up.
  • Ensuring Personal Safety and Security
  • Stress Management
  • Matrimonial Alliances

In addition, well-informed and practical advice as also assistance could be provided through:
  • Advise to NRI Children on issues like investment, property ownership, taxation, repatriation of funds, inheritance, dual citizenship, etc.
  • Advise and Help to NRI Children returning to India in relocation, establishing business, education of their children, etc.
  • Making of arrangements for handling of personal matters during absence of the Parents abroad.
  • Financial Planning, Investment and Taxation for Parents and Children
  • Management of Assets, Legal Issues, Inheritance and making of Will.
  • Handling of Emergencies, including much needed moral support
  • Organising of Last Rites
Existing NRIP organisations are invited to join AIPRO.

NRIs' parents at locations where a NRIP organisation does not exist may seek guidance for forming one by contacting APIRO through:

President: Mr. Harish Bhargava +91(0) 20 26611676
Secretary General: Mr. Shashikant Gupte
Treasurer: Mrs. Malati Anagol

If you have any questions about this featured organization, please contact them directly.

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