Optima Restore Health Insurance

Optima Restore Health insurance is the latest health insurance products from HDFC ERGO Health Formerly Apollo Munich. Optima Restore Health Insurance provides coverage ranging from 3 to 5 lakhs for both individual and family.
Restore benefit
  • If your sum insured gets exhausted before a plan year ends and you still come across another medical emergency then the sum insured is restored.
  • In case your family is covered under the floater policy and one of the family member uses up the entire sum insured for the treatment for his/her illness during a plan year, the entire sum insured will be restored which will cover other members of the family when they need treatment.
  • This restore benefit process involves no extra cost for the new restored sum insured amount.
  • Please note that this product will restore the extra sum insured amount only if the coverage is required for treatment arising from a different illness or if a different family member needs a coverage. This product does not restore the sum insured for the treatment required for same sickness and also for the same member in a the family floater plan.
Multiplier benefit
  • If an insured has not had any claims in a plan year, the basic sum insured will be increased by 50% of the sum insured for the next year. This amount is called the claim bonus.
  • If you still do not claim in the 2nd year, the basic sum insured will be increased by 100% which is double your initial sum insured. The multiplier benefit does not involve any extra charges.
Coverage Benefits Overview
Benefit Optima Restore for Individual/Family
Basic Sum Insured per insured person per policy year (Rs. in Lakh) 3.00, 5.00, 10.00, 15.00
In-patient Treatment Covered
Pre-Hospitalization Covered, upto 60 Days
Post-Hospitalization Covered, upto 180 Days
Day Care Treatment Covered
Domiciliary Treatment/Home Treatment Covered
Treatment for Organ Donor Covered
Emergency Ambulance Upto Rs.2,000 per Hospitalisation
Restore Benefit Equal to the sum insured. Will be restored only after the initial sum insured amount has been exhausted. This does not require extra payment.
Multiplier Benefit 50% of the initial sum insured for every year without claims and maximum is 100%. If there are claims, only the bonus is reduced by 50%, not the initial sum insured

Overview of some of the unique benefits provided by HDFC ERGO Health Formerly Apollo Munich Optima Restore Health Insurance plan:

  • Lifetime renewal: This plan can renewed forever as long as the insured customer is alive.

  • No Sublimits on patient ward rent and hospitalization expenses: This benefit allows an insured customer to enjoy any kind of patient ward and the treatment without worrying about the associated costs.

  • Cashless transactions: This product will allow a customer to get a treatment on cashless basis in any of the 4000 hospitals located in more than 800 cities.

  • No Sublimits with respect to geography: It doesn´t matter where you purchase the policy in India, you can get a treatment in any hospital or city. This doesn´t involve additional copays or sublimits.

  • Claim based loading is Nil: If you have made any claims in the previous year, this will not affect the premium you need to pay after the next renewal.

  • Quick Pre-Authorization: 90% of the pre-authorization will not take more than 2 hours.

  • Easy and fast Claim Settlement: HDFC ERGO Health Formerly Apollo Munich is one of the reputed company in the industry whose claim settlement process is the fastest.

  • Simple Upgrade: While renewing a policy, you can easily upgrade you health plan easily to the next available slab.
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