Kadubu Recipe


Kadubu recipe

Kadubu is a delicacy from the malnad region, it is part of malnad cuisine. Some prefer adding grated coconut, coriander leaves and cumin seeds to the mix but the recipe varies from region to region in Karnataka.
Submitted by Vanditha

Method of Preparation


  • 2 cups rice rava
  • 3 cups water
  • Salt for taste

Preparation Methods:

  1. Pour water to the dish and boil for few minutes, then add rice rava and salt and stir well till it's cooked.
  2. Stirring should be continued till it's turned to dough.
  3. Pour the dough to a big plate and let it to cool.
  4. After the rava is cool take small quantity in hand and role to make round shape balls.
  5. Place the prepared balls in a steamer and steam them like you would steam idlis.
  6. After about 20 minutes of steaming, open the cooker and take them out.

To Serve:

Serve the Kadubu hot along with Coconut Chutney or with non veg curry of your choice.

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