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 Under corporate travel policies, can one choose to cover only certain employees or is it compulsory insuring all our employees?
 You can definitely choose the number of employees you would like to insure. When you take an international travel policy through us we will issue you a comprehensive master travel policy that is based on the certain number of travel days as required by you. Employee names will not be mentioned on this master policy. Whenever any of your employees is travelling based on your intimation we will issue him/ her, a travel certificate that will indicate the number of days and the destination. Apart from this, we also offer annual travel policies for specific employees who would be frequent travellers.
 What documents will the company have to submit to purchase a corporate travel plan?
 To take a travel insurance policy you just have to submit a complete and duly signed proposal form along with the premium payment. In case you are availing of a short term travel policy, then you will have to fill and submit, an "employee intimation form" each time one of your employees' is travelling.
 If we add / delete / substitute a member to an already existing corporate/ group what is the implication on premium?
 The corporate policy is designed to provide you convenience of usage. If you have opted for a short-term plan for a specific period of insurance and number of man-days, a float amount for your company would be created with us. As and when an individual employee travels, his details need to be intimated to us. The premium amount based on the employee's number of days of travel, age etc would be adjusted in this float amount. Similarly, you would need to intimate us as and when you add or delete a person. We will adjust the float amount.
 Can stand-alone policies of the company executives become part of corporate plan?
 These policies cannot become a part of the corporate plan. You can choose to continue with these standalone policies and therefore opt for those many less number of travel days in the group policy. Alternatively if you want all the executives to be a part of one plan then you can cancel those stand-alone policies prematurely and make them a part of your corporate group policy.
 Are there any group discounts available?
 If there are any groups travelling Call us at +91 (80) 41101026.
 How does one get the policy cancelled?
 To cancel your policy all you have to do is submit a letter at any of our branch offices. Once we receive a written request from you your policy will be cancelled in a days' time.
 How does Reliance General Insurance settle its claims?
 We have appointed International SOS to facilitate claims service for our customers. Since they have worldwide presence, you will receive prompt service and your claims would settle quickly.
 Does a claim have to be lodged or made in a specific time frame from the time of the accident?
  It is recommended that you intimate your claim to ISOS as soon as you can. It is important that you intimate us maximum within 30 days of any incident. Followed by the intimation you need to submit complete written proof of loss along with the signed claim form to us within maximum 30 days from the date of losss
  Is FIR required on occurrence of an accident?
 A FIR (First Information Report) is required in cases of:
  • Loss of passport
  • Claim under Home burglary insurance
  • Bail Bond
  • Accidental Claims under Personal accident section
  • Personal liability
  • Financial emergency
  If there is no Hospital of International SOS where I stay, Will there still be cashless settlement?
 You could get admitted to any registered hospital. If the claim amount is small we would advice you to pay it yourself and take a reimbursement when you comeback to India. However in case you do require it, you can request ISOS and they would provide you with the cashless facility.
  Is pregnancy or disease/complication arising out of pregnancy covered?
 Pregnancy is excluded under the Policy. However if any medical assistance is required to save the insured person's or the child's life then on the advice of the ISOS the policy may cover you for hospitalisation charges
 Do I need to pay the doctor / hospital / service provider or will they bill the Reliance General Insurance?
 In case of OPD (Out Patient department) treatment you will make the payment and then claim reimbursement for it from us. In case of hospitalization we will settle the bills directly with the doctor / hospital / service provider provided the claim is notified to ISOS and cashless facility is approved. If cashless is not approved you will have to make a payment yourself and claim reimbursement after submitting necessary documents.
 If I sustain a loss on the last day of the Policy and continue treatment in abroad will the Policy be automatically extended to cover the loss?
 The policy will cover you. If you sustain any disease / illness / injury on the last day of your policy then please inform ISOS immediately. In such cases it is important that we get a clearance from ISOS that the insured is unfit to return to India.
 If a loss sustained during the Policy period abroad results in death or disability after coming to India. Will this be covered?
 If you sustain a loss during the policy due to any insured peril resulting in an unfortunate death or disablement within 12 months from the date of the company shall process the claim as per terms and conditions of the policy in favor of beneficiary / nominee mentioned in the policy.
 How long does it take to settle a claim?
 Once the company receives all complete written proof of loss along with the signed claim form; they will process the claim within 7 working days.
 Please let me know if heart related illness like stroke or heart attack is covered under this policy when traveller has only pre-existing ailment of diabetes (on tablets only)?
 If its a first time heart attack its covered. Any illness which is related to pre-existing disease is covered only in case of life threatening situations only.



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