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 What will happen if my baggage does not clear in time? Will my policy help me in any way?
 The policy provides a reimbursement for the delay in transportation of checked-in baggage beyond 12 hours across all travel destinations that are mentioned in your ticket including all halts.

This cover for delay will not be available for:
  • Loss of property unless a Property Irregularity Report or other report issued by carriers is procured and submitted
  • Partial loss of the items contained in the checked-in baggage
  • Items contained in the checked-in baggage, which are valued in excess of US $ 100 without appropriate proof of ownership
  • Valuables, money, securities, tickets and passes or any other item(s) not declared
  • Losses arising from any delay, detention, confiscation by customs officials or other public authorities
  • Loss due to complete/partial damage of the checked-in baggage
  • Checked-in baggage delay on the inbound sector to India
  • This amount will be up to a maximum, as mentioned in your policy.
 What if a Hand Bag is lost while travelling by airline, will it be covered?
 The loss of handbag is not covered. The Policy pays or reimburses only for a delay in transportation of checked-in baggage accepted by a common carrier by which you/ insured would be traveling. It is also mandatory that the common carrier has issued a baggage receipt for the trip.
  Will the Policy cover the expenses towards new passport incurred in India?
 The Policy would pay the necessary expenses incurred in obtaining a duplicate or fresh passport after coming to India. However this will be up to the maximum sum insured mentioned in your policy.
  How am I covered in case I meet with an accident and suffer injuries / any loss?
 The travel policy covers will compensate you for any unfortunate outcomes/ losses of an accident that takes place during your travel. This compensation is different for various losses and is limited to the sum insured as mentioned in the plan.
  If I suffer any loss while travelling by railway/ ship in a foreign country does my International travel policy help me in any way?
 Our Travel Insurance Policy covers you up to the maximum amount mentioned in your policy as long as you are travelling in/ by an IATA certified carrier.
  If I hire a car when travelling and meet with an accident will the policy cover me?
 The policy has a personal liability cover that protects your liability under incidents that result in death, injury, damage to health or damage to the property of a third party. Also, you have the personal accident cover to take care of your hospitalisation expenses in case of any accidental injury.
 In case I fall sick and need hospitalisation, will the policy cover me for all my expenses?
  In case you fall sick or you sustain any injury and are hospitalised, we will take care of all your expenses in a cashless manner. What's more, if you have been hospitalised for more than 2 consecutive days, you can avail of a daily allowance.
 In case I am short of cash, can I avail of Financial Emergency assistance?
  This is a special service that provides the insured financial assistance in times of financial emergency that may arise only due to theft or robbery. In a situation where you are short of funds/ cash, this cover will not be able to help you.
 What will happen in case the flight is hijacked?
 In case your flight is hijacked, your policy will compensate to you up to the maximum amount as mentioned in your policy, post the first 12 hours of hijacking.
 What happens if the flight is delayed?
 In case your flight is delayed for more than 12 hours from the scheduled time, due to unforeseen circumstances like illness, death, delay due to bad weather, natural disaster; then we will reimburse to you up to the maximum amount as mentioned in your policy.
 My entire family is travelling with me for 2 months. My house is going to be locked. In case there is a robbery/ theft or fire will the policy reimburse us?
 The policy has a Home Burglary cover that protects your house and valuables from burglary &/or attempted burglary, up to the limit of Sum Insured. The policy does not cover losses sustained due to fire or other perils.
 I am a student? If I fall sick and have to repeat a semester will my policy help me in any way?
 The travel policy has a cover named Study Interruption that provides compensation in case:
  • The insured is hospitalised for more than one consecutive month on account of any disease, illness, injury, terminal sickness or medical repatriation,
  • An immediate family member or the Sponsor of the insured expires, leading the insured to discontinue his/her studies for the remaining part of the current semester for which tuition fee has been paid.
  Is a student covered for delay in exams?
 A student travel insurance policy covers you for a specific period ( e.g. 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, so on till 730 days). If your examination is delayed, but it is still within this specific period, your insurance policy will cover you. If case your examination is delayed resulting in an unanticipated extension beyond the specified period mentioned in your policy, you always have the option to extend your policy.
 When is it beneficial to buy a corporate plan rather than buying individual travel plans?
 A business or corporate travel insurance policy is beneficial in case you:
  • Have high number of employees travelling at different times
  • Have high number of travelling days
  • Want to cover certain risks for certain employees
  • Need worldwide coverage
  • Have high turnover of employees
  • Want to cover employees from various group companies
  • Minimize documentation
  • Simple and easy administration.


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