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Group Health Insurance provides medical expense coverage for many people in a single policy. All the eligible participants are covered, regardless of age or physical condition. Groups Coverage is ideal for International employees, missionaries, students and travelers are just some of the types of groups.

Group Health Insurance plans are developed to provide coverage for medical expenses incurred by many people under a single policy. The eligibility of all the participants is granted regardless of age or any physical condition. Group Medical Insurance is an ideal insurance option for international employees, students, travelers and other types of groups.

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Types of coverage

Traveling internationally in a group of 5 or more individuals for at least 5 days? Atlas Group coverage may be right for you! Atlas Group Travel Insurance provides the same quality coverage as the Atlas Series product at a discount group rate making it ideal for student groups and missionary organizations.

Patriot Group Travel Medical Insurance is designed for organizations who have a group of 5 or more that will be traveling together, and are traveling to a destination that is not the country of citizenship of any of the traveling members.

Major Medical Coverage

This is generally used for longer coverage periods and includes comprehensive major medical benefits similar to those found in domestic major medical plans in the United States. Access to treatment in the United States is at the insured's option, or in the event of a medical emergency, transportation to the nearest medical facility is covered. Typically, missionary groups, long term expatriate assignments outside the United States, or permanent Third Country Nationals and Local Nationals are best suited for Worldwide Major Medical coverage.

Travel Medical Coverage

This is generally used for shorter coverage periods, when comprehensive major medical benefits like maternity, mental and nervous, and preventative benefits are not applicable. Coverage for eligible treatment is limited to the locality where the insured is covered. In the event of a medical emergency, transportation to the nearest medical facility is covered. Typically, group tours, conventions, or short-term international employee assignments from one week to six months are best suited for Travel Medical coverage.

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