Cost of living in the UK

The cost of living varies throughout the UK because it depends on each individual's situation. Living cost is relatively cheap compared to some other European countries. However, in the major cities like London are more expensive to live in and the prices can be twice as much compared to other places in the United Kingdom.

It is important to be aware of the cost you will be facing and if you are reasonable with your money it can be possible to live in a nominal budget. You can minimize your expenses by finding a cheaper places to live, sharing house.

The main costs that you need to consider are :

Accommodation in UK

In United Kingdom, an accommodation cost varies from place to place. The rental prices in the UK depend on where you like to live and what type of apartments you are looking for. To minimize the expenses you can share your accomadation or house. Usually the accomodation expenses in UK is £250 to £700 per month per person.

In the major cities like London, Manchester.. are more expensive compared to other places in the United Kingdom. The average hotel costs in London for single room is £50 to £300 per day and for double room £75 to £450 per day. Most students in the UK need about £600 a month to live on. This will cover food, clothes and other basic needs.

The following table gives information about the accommodation for monthly rent :
Accommodation for monthly rent
Room in shared apartment £300 upwards
Studio apartment £570 - £1330
One bedroom flat/apartment/house £700 - £1750
Two bedroom flat/apartment/house £880 - £2600
Three bedroom flat/apartment/house £1000 - £4200

Transport in UK

Transport costs vary depending where you are in the UK. You can use public transport if your working place is near. However, public transport is fairly reasonably priced. In London bus buses are quick, convenient and not expensive to travel around the city. Bus passes are valid for the whole bus and tram network in London.

The following list gives information about approximate cost for transport
Transport in UK Approximate cost (GBP)
Taxi 4.00 upwards
Bus fare 1.80 single
Underground ( London )3.00 per trip much cheaper with an 'Oyster' card
London bus prices
Standard adult fares
  • 7 day :        £17.80
  • 1 month :    £68.40
  • 1 year :       £712

Food and Drinks in UK

The cost of food and drinks in the United Kingdom is quite expensive compared to other European nations. You can all varieties of food here, along with the traditional food you can also find the Chinese, Indian, French.. Though the cost is bit high, you can cook food in home, can prepare a home country food if you are not adjusted with the UK food. Also, try not to use the big brands when there are cheaper alternatives.

Average cost of food in London
  • Average price of a sandwich is probably £1.50 - £4.00
  • Average price of an Indian and Chinese buffet lunch per person(eat as much as you can) is £5-00 to £7-00.
  • Average price of dinner (with drinks) per person in an Indian or Chinese restaurant is £8-00 to £25-00.
  • Average price of dinner (with drinks) per person in an Italian restaurant is £10-00 to £50-00.

UK Cost of Food and Drink
Food and drinks Approximate cost
Average weekly grocery bill £60.00
McDonalds meal £5.00
Pub meal £8 - £10
Restaurant meal £15 - £25
Pint of beer £4.00
Average bottle of wine £10.00
The following list gives information about cost of supermarket food in UK
Supermarket food Approximate cost (GBP)
loaf of bread 0.75
1 kg rice 1.20
500g pasta 0.90
packet of sausages 1.00
1kg apples 1.40
packet of instant noodles 0.36
1kg potatoes 0.85
tin of tuna 0.75
500g minced beef 1.50
6 eggs 1.20
1 kg bananas 0.74
cheese (non-specialist) 200g 1.80
1 pint of milk 0.32
1 packet biscuits 0.59
1 litre orange juice 1.50
1 packet teabags 1.50
1 jar instant coffee 2.00

Entertainment in UK

United kingdom offers a user friendly entertainment options. In London, there is a wide variety of theatres, nightclubs... Each place will offer in different types of attractions. There are number of prominent British film studios. They include:
  • Amalgamated Studios, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire
  • Bray Studios, Windsor, Berkshire
  • British National Studios, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire
  • Carol Winifred Film Studio, West Hendon, London
  • Denham Film Studios, Denham, Buckinghamshire

The following list gives information about cost of entertainment in the UK
Entertainment Approximate cost (GBP)
cinema ticket (full price) 6.00 to 7.00
theatre ticket 7.00 upwards
bowling) 6.00
nightclub entrance) 4.00 upwards
museum entrance often free
pint of beer (570 ml) 2.80 - 3.00
can of Coke 0.65
Big Mac hamburger 1.99
NOTE : Prices are in British Pound Sterling (GBP)

Clothing in UK

In United KIngdom, people wear clothes as very much the same as any other modern western society. UK offers a huge range of ladies fashion and menswear items for all styles. Rain clothing will get in a cheap price and all items can buy online. People will not feel much difficulty to purchase clothes.

The following list gives information about cost of clothing in the UK
Clothing Approximate cost (GBP)
shoes 40.00 upwards
tights 4.00 upwards
socks 3.50 upwards
jeans 30.00 upwards
sweater 25.00 upwards
T shirt 10.00 upwards
NOTE : Prices are in British Pound Sterling (GBP)

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