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Reliance Travel Insurance ke plan ke baare mein janna chahta hoon.
by Heera
Thank you for your email regarding overseas travel insurance. There are two types of coverages available as mentioned below:
  • Coverage for Individual Travelers:
    Individual coverage has 4 types of overseas travel insurance individual plans
    Standard plan ($50,000 coverage),
    Silver plan ($100,000 coverage),
    Gold plan ($250,000 coverage),
    Platinum plan ($500,000 coverage)
  • Common coverage for the whole family : Family members below the age of 60 years can opt for family travel insurance
    Family Standard Plan ($50,000 coverage),
    Family Gold Plan-($100,000 coverage),
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Difference between family and individual plans
I am looking to buy Reliance travel insurance to USA for 3 of my family members age 42, 36 and 10 respectively for 1 month. There is a family plan and individual plan. Can you please let me know what is the difference between the two and suggest the best coverage for us?
by Velu
Thank you for contacting NRIOL for your Reliance travel insurance requirements. Yes there two types of coverage. One is a family floater coverage where the entire sum insured is shared by 3 travelers. The benefit of buying a family plan is that any of the family member can use the entire sum insured or he /she can use part of the sum insured and the rest can be used by the other 2 insured. Family floater plans are cheaper than individual coverage plans. For example if you buy $50,000 floater coverage, either one of the family member can claim up to $50,000 coverage. In case if one person’s claim amount is $10,000, then they are left with $40,000 sum insured where the other persons can claim or even the first person who has already first claim can have a second claim up to $40,000.
Individual coverage plans are costlier than the family floater plan as each member will get benefit up to the sum insured. It is however not possible to share the sum insured with other insured members of the family in the individual coverage policy.
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Coverage offered by Reliance Insurance Policies
Wanted to know what is the difference between these Reliance plans. What extra benefits we get if go for slightly higher premium plan like standard, silver, gold, platinum?
by Vani
Thank you for contacting NRIOL for your travel insurance requirements. Below are the few:
  • Reliance offers plans for $50,000 (standard), $100,000 (Silver), $250,000 (Gold) & $500,000 (Platinum).
  • As you select a higher coverage the insured will is covered for a greater amount for medical expenses.
  • As the coverage increases you will get more number of benefits.
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Insurance for Mother visiting USA and Canada
My mother is 69 years old and travelling from India to USA on 5th Aug for 6 months and then to Canada for 6 months am looking for travel insurance which is not too expensive and which includes medical as well.
Thank you for contacting NRIOL for your Reliance travel medical insurance requirements.
Reliance offers $50,000 US dollars coverage which is the cheapest plan. Initially you can buy for 6 months and later on renew the policy for another 6 months provided the first policy is not expired, there are no claims in the first policy and the insured is in good health at the time of renewing the insurance. If the renewal request comes after the policy expiry or if there are any claims on the first policy, then the policy is renewed on the basis of approval from the Reliance head office. The premium for $50,000 insurance cover for 6 months traveling to USA is Rs.22,224/-. This policy covers for unforseen medical expenses when the insured is overseas.
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