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No.4 - They need work hard to achieve their goals. Four's are prepared to patiently plod along for years, provided they see that the effort is worthwhile. They are good with details and enjoy complicated tasks. Inclined to being rigid, they find it very hard to change their minds once it has been made up.

Best career paths : All building trades, numerologist, farmer, miner, industrialist, mason, draftsman, mechanic, accountant, undertaker, efficiency expert, executive, professional boxer, engineer, mechanic, chemist or laboratory technician, engineer, builder, programmer, accountant, architect or ecologist.
Best Day : Tuesday
Colors : Orange, Peach

No.5 - They are curious, enthusiastic, forever youthful, versatile and enjoy doing different things. They enjoy travel and anything takes out of their familiar routine. Fives are quick thinkers - enjoy solving problems. They often change directions and find it impossible to stick to anything for long.

Best career paths : Salesperson, advertising executive, investigator, detective, teacher, lecturer, writer news columnist, editor, communications, graphologist, proofreader, publisher, playwright, TV or radio artist, secretary, consultant, language teacher, interpreter or import-export dealer, stock market analyst, travel writer or aviation expert.
Best Day : Wednesday
Colors : Electric tones of shades

No.6 - These people are nurturing caring, sympathetic, loving, kind, responsible and spiritual. They enjoy accepting other people's burdens and providing a shoulder for others to lean on. Sixes are often creative, usually in artistic fields.

Best career paths : Philanthropy comes naturally to you and being a service oiented person, you would enjoy being a teacher, social worker, medical professional, chef, civil servant, Hostess or host, homemaker, writer, nurse, doctor, interior decorator, artist, florist, singer, voice, tutor, beautician, fashion expeart, musician, performer, herbalist, theater work, marriage counselor, divorse attorney or service to others.
Best Day : Friday
Colors : All shades of Blue, Pink, Purple


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