Birthday Numerology

Recognize your personality through numbers..
No.7 - Such people are reserved, cautions and introspective, sometimes spiritual. Sevens prefer few close friends to large groups of aquaintances. They have their own unique approach to everything they do, this gives them great originality, but also means that they find it hard to make changes and adapt.

Best career paths : A 7 dislikes manual labor nd works best in refined cultural environment. They can be psychiatrist, investigator, philosopher, detective or mystery writer archeologist, astrologer, engineer, healer, preacher, author, dentist, farmer, photographer, psychic investigator or research.
Best Day : Tuesday
Colors :Grey, Black, White

No.8 - They are good judges of character. They have leadership capabilities and usually rise to positions of responsibility. They are ambitious and determined and invariably achieve their goals. Eights are inclined to be rigid and stubborn in outlook, though usually cannot see this trait in themselves!!

Best career paths : Banker, financier, engineer, undertaker, chemist, carpenter, crime investigator, druggist, exterminator, firearms or explosives expert, lawyer, organizer, supervisor, philanthropist, manufacturer, architect or broker.
Best Day : Saturday
Colors : Dark colors like Navy Blue and Dark brown

No.9 - Sensitive, caring peoplewho people who enjoy helping others and frequently give much more than they recieve in return. Consequently; they can easily be taken advantage of by others. They feel union with spiritual power and can be great guides/mentors.

Best career paths : Researcher, electrician, explorer, magician, narcotics agent, scientist, doctor, teacher, preacher, lecturer, surgeon, diplomat, iron worker, artist, musician, lawyer, spiritual healer, horticulturist or landscape gardener, fine artist.
Best Day : Tuesday
Colors : Red, Rose and Crimson Family


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