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NRIOL.COM is the premier portal for Non-Resident Indians worldwide. Our intention is to create a resource that is not only useful, but fun for all of us! Thanks for surfing by, we hope you find your stay enjoyable!

Here's a question: You're travelling alone in Barcelona, and your belt-bagcontaining your passport and travel tickets has been stolen. You have very little money with you, because most of it was in the belt-bag. What do you do? This is not a rhetorical question - it actually happened to one of our friends.

But as we go through life living abroad, we're not always stranded physically but emotionally too. Have you ever felt home-sick and yearned for someone to talk to? Wanted to share your feelings as a newly wed trying to find your feet in a new country and a new partner? Wondered if other parents were having a tough time trying to teach their kids to live with two or morecultures? Itched to tell everyone what you thought about an Indian minister's latest stunt? Apart from the emotional side of things, there are also the practical issues – can I buy pickle somewhere here? Where's the closest temple/mosque/church/gurudwara? I heard that the Indian government has just changed the tax laws for NRIs, am I affected? What's the exchange rate today? And what's that in pesatas?! Surely there must be some Indians in this town – how do I get in touch with them?

So we decided to create a resource for all of us out there. Whether you're in the US, Europe, the Gulf or the middle of Finland,our wish is that becomes a second home to you. Our aim is not only to help you find all the information you want, but also find this a place where you re-unite with old friends and make new ones (please register on our free directory).If you moved today from Boston to London, or Delhi to Dallas, or Lagos to Moscow, you only have to log onto and get a lot of useful information and a new set of friends to boot! So that's what we want toachieve in the end – a sense of belonging to the global Indian community while at the same time, making it a practical and useful tool for all of us.

As you can see, our goals are ambitious. We'd like to invite you to become part of the global NRI community and help build something that's useful,new, exciting and fun. We hope you enjoyed being here, and return often.

We've just started so please bear with us while we make additions and improvements to the site. We welcome suggestions – please email. We'd like to start by inviting original content like articles, snippets, poems, experiences, etc. for submission, which will be published on regularly. For more details on submitting content, please click here!

PS: Our friend in Barcelona was lucky: he went to the Indian embassy, where he met a fellow Indian who invited him to stay at his home until the mess was sorted. But wouldn't it have been easier if he could just log onto a website find help from a local NRI?

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